Progress so far...Updated with new pics!!!

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Well guys,

I started Friday evening after I found this website, and got several pieces done by Sunday 11pm. Albiet I forgot to rescale the pieces from the original 7' 2" tall man. So at least I got some good practice. Here are some preliminary pictures...


vest only:

vest + helmet:


left bicep:

helmet left:

helmet front right:

tools of the trade + properly scaled left forarm:

I bought several things at the hardware store which includes:

Dnya-Glass. Its a fiberglass + Kevlar strand putty. $19
Fiberglass repair kit. $50

Im going to use the left calf piece thats insanely huge on my leg(i didnt take a picture of it, its outside drying)and I'm trying out the Dnya-Glass first to see how it hold. Then Ill use real fiberglassing on the other side to see which is more durable. If the dyna-glass is just as, if not more so durable then conventional fiberglass, it would be much more wise to use that as its half the cost.

Will update.


New Progress.

Well, after destroying most of my paper armor, I had another go at it. So here it is, tell me whats wrong or right with it, so I know what needs to be improved and whatnot. Im managing about one piece every day after work. As soon as Im done I will take a whole weekend to just resin and hopefully fiberglass all the pieces.

Side note, Adam, you said you slushcasted your whole suit. I suggested this to my dad and he thought it would make the suit very heavy as apposed to making the molds and then wetting down the fiberglass strips and then trimming it and making the pieces that away. Suggestions ?


All completed pieces so far, some resined and fiberglassed, and some still in the paper stage.

Right calf above the left foot. Odd yes, but hey, it looks cool :p

Self explanitory..

Right Thigh.
Its just a tiny bit big. Im kinda tall, but no where near the 7' mark. I am only 6' 2" so yeah. Im thinking of keeping the helmet though, cause I can barely get my head into that one, and with proper foam placement, Ill have room to install a two way radio and a pair of leds on either side of the helmet and the cooling fans. one in back, one in front with a two way splitter so its not hitting me right in the face put pulls the air around my head.
wow. im still in the prototype stage(s)of my soon-to-be "final" armor. im just using pepakura to get an idea and feel for making armor. my "final" helmet should be similar to yours, but your well on your way to making a great costume. Unlike me.
ive stopped growing up and have begun growing out...trying to curb that development though. Ive allready lost 10lbs. :D
It's very nicely done, clean folds too.
If you do plan on keeping the vest that size, there are simple modification methods you can use to "tighten" the sides. Something as simple as cutting it, pulling it together to see how much needs to be cut off, and then cut that much off.
Fiberglass the suit, and add buckles or snaps there to hold it together.
Somewhat complicated, but it does help.
looks good, i'm itchin to see the final version. As for your wondering if Dyna glass is better the answer os no for this reason. Fibrs glass cloth is a large piece that will become hard once resined, Dynaglass is like bondo mixed withe fibre glass. Dynaglass is great though for filling in holes and larger gaps thwt bondo can't
So for the larger pieces of armor say the calf/thigh/chest fiberglass cloth would be better and then in the crevisis use the dyna glass.

Another questioni. Since the chest piece is not all smooth, has indintations, beveled out spots on it, what do you do to raise up that spot to fill in the detail. Bondo ? Or should I cut out my own details of of cardstock, and glue them on and just fiberglass in everything like that...
New progress report....

Got the scaling number right finally....sheesh, i rebuilt the left foot 3times now, the third being the right size. But I'm getting rather proficcent at folding, cutting, glueing.

properly scaled left foot:


My spare time:
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there are guys in my family that have broken 7' so i might b able to pown up when I'm older and be full scale.
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