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Project Copperhead

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Bucs37DK, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Bucs37DK


    Oh boy here I go printing again. A customer asked us to make some Copperhead armor for their freelancer, so here we are. After some correspondence we got the scaling correct and the printing begins this weekend.

    First up is the Butt plate, had to hop into Meshmixer and work some scaling/slicing magic with the Halo 5 source files. So far so good.

    Mesh Butt.PNG
    Butt Plate.PNG
    Printing it right now. Then on to the other armor pieces.
  2. Bucs37DK


    We have a complete butt plate.

    The Shins presented a unique challenge to get the inside as smooth as possible, thanks to their round curve. Additionally, taking some lessons from my own armor, I worked to make them as thin/light as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the piece.
    shin 1.PNG

    Was able to slice them in such a way that I can print a whole shin at a time. Now tomorrow the first one should be complete.
  3. Bucs37DK


    Shin pieces are now complete. Now to progress on the rest!
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  4. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Your the flash of 3d printing. Looking great so far. Do you have a printable helmet file?
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  5. Bucs37DK


    Haven't really messed with it yet. The customer isn't looking for it. Just the armor pieces, shins, boots, thighs, butt plate and chest.
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  6. Bucs37DK


    Man the holidays really slowed down my progress. Well here is the completed ab plate. Moving onto the rest of the chest, hope to have it fully printed by the weekend.
  7. Bucs37DK


    Oh man, the holidays and work really slowed down the update train on this one. Well here we are after some minor printer hiccups. Got the full chest printed. Printing off thighs now, then off to the client for finishing work!
    26135159_10100461943568433_293300643_n.jpg 26133382_10100461943623323_1382094425_n.jpg 26196723_10100461943628313_1894521115_n.jpg
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  8. Bucs37DK


    And the early morning update. First thigh armor complete. 1 more to go.
    26179288_10100462072430193_2025591950_o (1).jpg
  9. Stalkker

    Stalkker New Member

    Hey, I'm working on Copperhead too! I'm starting with the helmet. I am cutting and printing as I go so once I finish I'll upload the individual helmet files for anyone interested. They are made to fit a print bed 8.5" x 8.5" x 8.5"

    Helmet Exp.JPG Mask.JPG Weld.JPG
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  10. Bucs37DK


    All the printed armor! Looks good so far. Gotta love getting creative in the slicing.
  11. Bucs37DK


    Copperhead armor is complete. All parts off to the customer for their own finishing. Now for the next one!

    26179288_10100462072430193_2025591950_o (1).jpg
  12. Bucs37DK


    Just received the first pics from the customer who got a test fit of the armor complete. The chest fits perfectly! They are going to make this armor look awesome.
    26513913_10103183251670684_59361188_o.jpg 26610327_10103183251675674_1340886217_o.jpg
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