Prototype Halo 3 Legendary Edition Master Chief Helmet on Ebay!

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(i dont know if this was posted yet, i couldn't find a thread involving it)
So i was browsing on Ebay, and i came across this.

Bungie posted on Ebay said:
Before the finished product was re-sized to accommodate retail, the Halo 3 Legendary Edition Helmet was prototyped at full 1:1 scale. Instead of putting it on your head, which would be dangerous, we recommend you display this truly rare, legendary work of art on your mantle.

Heres the link : Click Here
Right now its sitting at : US $825.01 with 11 bids
I hope someone from 405th buys this for obvious reasons :)
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I hope someone from here buys it as well... Can we say notoriety? Yes. That would be awesome. :)
Wait.... i swear i saw this on ebay a couple months ago. i think someone on the 405th bought it? any back me up?
This is the prototype for the Legendary Edition helmet. The other object was the prototype for a Master replicas run of helmets, that was never made.

They are two completely different things.
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