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As Summer is almost here I have been thinking about my upcoming armor project I originally wanted to make the Tankish Concept Armor but as I have never made a Armor before I decided to Start with the ODST armor first I will start off this summer by making a vacuum forming machine then I am going to make the armor

I have it mostly planned out I am going to vacuum form the parts but my question is how do you attach plastic parts to your undersuit I thought about using straps but how do you attach the straps to the parts glue? I think I am going to lay glue the straps to the plastic and then putting fiberglass on top of the straps to reinforce the plastic and hold the straps then I would sew the straps to my undersuit do you think that is a good idea do you guys have any other suggestions??

Darth Malevelus

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Most of the stormtroopers Ive met use a combo of velcro, hot glue, and epoxy to hold the straps on. It seems to do well, but their not doing any running, or being athletic in costume at all either.