Re finishing EVA foam


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Well my halo reach spartan has seen better days before otafest /canada day, so I'm thinking of adding new parts to it and repainting it what would best for that im thinking of hitting it with a mouse sander gently then getting plasta-dip then using "golden" brand of acrylic paint is.
Any advice?


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Do you have any pics of the armor as it is now? Personally I'd just hit my worn out foam with new spray paint (krylon fusion is my go to for foam and plastic painting), and re-weather/battle damage with acrylic paints.


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If it's just creases from bending and twisting of parts you can smooth those out with a heat gun if the PlastiDip was applied correctly the first time. You might see some bubbling if there was some air/moisture trapped between the foam and the PlastiDip layer when heated but I've never seen this happen and I've done it a couple of times on armour pieces that got munched when jumping into a car going between photoshoot locations.