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Remember how I didn't need to worry about the warning? Welp. We're well past that now. Let's see where did we leave off? Oh man alright I hadn't even finished sanding the forearms. Alright so learned lesson with the forearms and this is going to be a very long post. I sanded and primed and sanded those forearms and chest pieces for what felt like EONS. The thing that got me to feel more confident with them and to simply move on was giving them a layer of black primer. It really smoothed out the imperfections I was hyperfocusing on and were giving me so many issues. So a bit of advice would be to, if you feel like you're in a rut, try out the next stage, it won't hurt anything and you might be surprised by the results! alright time for pictures. I'm going to make a few posts in a row to kind of keep things a bit more organized. First is chestpiece. Oh man I think I'm repeating myself. It's fine probably.
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So for painting the chestpiece I was able to use a vinyl decal to mask off the UNSC emblem for the chest! Despite all this I know I am going to cover it with the straps later down the road.
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I was able to weather the chest and repaint some black areas that had spillover and I was really happy with the way it turned out!
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Used my vinyl cutter for some of the decals and used some paint so I can scratch some weathering into them! I also weathered the silver with a silver sharpie. it worked really well through stippling. Worked well!
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Placing the straps and attachments went so well! I was really happy with the color of the straps and did some modifying to get the painting right and the straps working!
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I placed strapping for the biceps and underarm pieces into my armor with rivets and washers. Elastic for parts that I want to move with me and webbing for the stuff that I just wanted to keep in the right places. I have to revisit the webbing on the shoulders since it started to give out while I was wearing it at a con.
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This is what's left to finish and post about on the suit! Next update will be soon! promise!
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It's a treasure trove of pictures!
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