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Discussion in 'Mountain Regiment' started by Gilmortar, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Gilmortar


    Ok guys and gals. One of the biggest things we are going to need to do for the upcoming Charter/Mantle, will be a good list of who is here, where we are specifically, and what we have. So I will start it off:

    Hydra and I, aka Liz and Scott

    Superior, CO

    Currently: ODST

    In progress: MkV Anniversary Edition Master Chief, Kat and Emile



  2. DragonMaster


    DragonMaster aka Lindsey

    Boise, ID

    In Progress - Master Chief Halo 4
  3. Aramoorn


    Aramoorn- Tiffany(Trixie)
    Colorado Springs, CO
    In Progress: Warrior armor, mini chief, misc weapons
  4. Twisting Neather

    Twisting Neather

    Twisting_Neather AKA Samuel
    Boise, ID

    Completed -Retired:
    Halo 2 Blue Multiplayer Spartan w/ Red Flag 2007
    Halo 3 Master Chief 2009 (Low Def)
    Halo 3 Master Chief 2010

    Halo: Reach Spartan III 2011
    (Planning a repaint and some clean up still)

    281447_2321134435709_3679976_n.jpg 548952_4880081645747_1611266749_n.jpg

    M6D Pistol

    SRS-99 (Halo:Reach Sniper Rifle)
    Halo 4 ODST
  5. Kyre


    Kyre, better known as Eryk Nagel
    Thornton, CO

    Completed: Loki's Staff from Avengers

    Halo CE/CEA armor(heavy battle damage and field mods)
    M6, unsure of what model yet
    Covenant Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword
  6. Mstruvmgc


    Hey guys,

    Mstruvmgc a.k.a. Joshua Brooks

    Las Vegas, NV

    No armor at the moment. Last suit destroyed by the Covie scum.
    I do have plans to make either an ODST or reach armor next. We shall see. It all depends on the budget.

    I do have a few things to bring to the plate.

    An assult rifle, one of Adams casts. and a pistol i made.


    Rifle (with old armor :-( )

    Thats about all i have at the moment, but hope to be able to start making more soon :)

    Attached Files:

  7. SwedishNinja


    Hey hey.

    Swedishninja AKA Erik

    Centennial/Littleton CO

    Completed the chief mark VI, gravity hammer, assault riffle, 2 plasma pistols, 1 plasma riffle (plasma weps are the laser tag guns)


  8. Xarmymustang


    Dropping in. ODST reporting for duty

    Xarmymustang AKA Jordan

    Boise, Idaho

    Semi completed ODST armor( mostly paint), Completed sliced MA5C assault rifle, completed M7S silenced SMG, completed kit from Tactonyx M6C silenced pistol, semi complete nerf conversion of MA37 assault rifle from reach, and WIP of sliced reach sniper rifle and M247 heavy machine gun( Jorges main weapon)


    Attached Files:

  9. Egam47


    well I can only assume that Provo Utah puts me in the mountain regiment, so here I am!
    Egam47, or Brandon
    ODST unfortunately re-building my armor, it didn't survive the last move.
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  10. Angus314


    Reach veteran spartan, checking in.

    Angus314 or Gus for short
    Denver, Colorado
    Completed: Orange Mark V reach suit, Mark VI reach helmet, Reach AR, Reach Magnum.
    In progress, Mark V reach suit, Mark VI reach helmet, Reach AR. (Intended to be a better quality suit compared to current suit.)((no decision on color yet))

    Attached Files:

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  11. Twisting Neather

    Twisting Neather

    As of Tree-City Comic Con I am armorless. Got an offer on the armor and I took it. Needed the funds and space with the wife's build going on. Looking at finishing her Halo 4 MC and my ODST Check for updates in DragonMasters build thread.
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  12. CrazedOne1988


    I'll check in!

    Chris (CrazedOne)
    Provo, UT
    Completed: Reach Multiplayer Build, Reach Multiplayer build Ver.II, Assault Rifle, Pistol
  13. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO aka. Kory Smith

    Delta, CO

    Currently have no Halo armor completed. I do have a Warhammer Space Marine.

    Once my pallet of foam mats gets in I shall begin on my Recon armor. The wife is picking an armor type. Once she has picked one Ill start on hers as well. The goal is to complete mine and hers by Denver Comic Con or/and StarFest 2015. Also, I started two battle rifles the other night. But, am stalled till my foam gets in.

    Look forward to meeting everyone.
  14. RobotChicken


    RobotChicken (Mike)

    Boise, ID

    No completed armor yet. Raising the bar with new ultra-high detail Mk VI armor models with SirPalesAlot and building one of them for my son. Hoping I got the sizing right for it to fit him when it's all finished. Also working on ultra-high detail Halo 3 Hunter models to build a costume for myself. The goal is for us to cosplay together, but time constraints (and his growth factor) might hinder that. At any rate, the File Archive will benefit with game-accurate armor models.
  15. blajew


    Name: David (blajew)

    Location: Las Vegas, NV

    Armor: Halo MC 4/5 about 90% (still have boots, butt plate, gloves, and finish helmet)
    Didn't really want to post until I had a finish product but what the hell I'm late to the party as it is....
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  16. Mstruvmgc


    OMG its about time!! lol I really need to come over and see this beast in person. Im going to text you when i get off work today to plan it! Welcome to the mountain regiment!
  17. Barroth


    Name: Barroth, aka Cory

    Location: Colorado

    Armor: ODST Dutch variant helmet

    In Progress: Nerf capable M7S Submachine Gun
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  18. Tactonyx


    Name: BenJamin, or more familiar to everyone else, Tactonyx

    Location: South Jordan, Utah / Heyburn Idaho

    Armor: None, Plan on ODST

    Specialization: Guns, lots-o-guns, knives
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  19. xxxxM0NSTERxxxx


    Name: Emiliano aka xxxxM0NSTERxxxx
    Location: Aurora, CO
    Armor: 2 helmets under way currently
    I will get started on a suit once i get back home!
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  20. blajew


    Time to show what you have done now!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

  21. Mstruvmgc


    ill make a thread soon for the marine :p
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  22. Mstruvmgc


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  23. spartan 060

    spartan 060

    Spartan 060 UNSC Infinity

    Location: Vernal UT

    current: Spartan

    In progress: Thel Vadam Kaidon Armor(Halo 5)
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