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Hello everyone,

we wanted to start a thread where all the mountain members have a chance to write a little bit about themselves and declare themselves present for fun mountain activities!

Start with these:
Fave halo game,
Preferred building method,
Biggest inspiration for your armor,
and then link where we can find you on socials if you have any,

If you could write a little blurb about where you were in 2007 at the release of halo 3 I’d love to hear!

Thanks all,
Username: Shadowshail
State: Wyoming
Fave halo game: Halo 3:ODST for the asthetics, Halo 4 for MC telling off a general, Halo 5 for Locke getting his bum kicked, and Halo 3 for general purposes.
Preferred building method: I have mainly worked in Pepekura but im working on other methods slowly.
Biggest inspiration for your armor: Wanting to become my idol as well as seeing the light in a kids eyes when they see their hero/idol in real life.

-I'm DeltaAlphaZulu but feel free to call me Alex!
-I'm from Grand Junction, CO
-My favorite Halo would between Reach, ODST, and Infinite
-I prefer to work with 3D printed and Foam Hybrid Suits
-I think the high desert terrain of where I live is the biggest inspiration to my current WIP suit
-I have a Youtube where I post some build tutorials and work videos and an Instagram where I post all sorts of photos ranging from WIP, Final builds, and Con photos!

In 2007 I was watching people play Halo 3 on Youtube and I had to wait until I got my first Xbox 360 for Christmas that year so I could play Halo CE and Halo 2.
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Username: Spitzkitz
State: NV
Fave halo game: Reach!!! Infinitely replayable, sweet armor, and some of my favorite multiplayer shenanigans.
Preferred building method: 3D printing, but I'm no stranger to mixed materials.
Biggest inspiration for your armor: armor cool hehe funny
Link where we can find you on socials if you have any: @spitzkitz_ on Instagram

Where was I in 2007 when Halo 3 released? Moving into the USA from a land far, far away...
Username: tahu505

State: Nevada

Fave Halo game: Reach for getting me into Halo/asthetic, Halo 2 for deep lore, and Halo 5/Infinite have been great for multiplayer!

Prefered building method: I generally do 3d printing. I like the solid feel of it. I do want to try doing some more foam work though.

Biggest inspiration for your armor: When I got into this hobby I didn't really know what cosplay was, I just liked building stuff and I liked Halo, so I wanted to combine the two. I guess the main inspiration has been to just do what I like and make things for me. I hope that inspires others though to be creative and make the things they like.

Socials: Instagram - tahu505, Tiktok - tahu505_

2007 release of Halo 3: I didn't get into Halo until 2011, so I wasn't really doing anything special for Halo 3 haha. I was probably building Lego when it released if I had to guess.
Username: unfit armory

State: Utah

Fav halo game: oooh. Tough one. Gotta go with CE or odst

My preferred building method is without a doubt 3D printing. Do I like it? Not really, I have the worst luck known to man when it comes to printing.

Socials: unfit_armory on most platforms!

My biggest inspiration was playing the games, but the final straw was the tv show, weirdly. Thought I’d give it a shot. And now I can’t stop. Goodness me.

My first halo game was Halo 4, as for where I was in 2007, I was like 4-5 years old so I couldn’t tell you
Games or legos, who knows.
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Username- barebones, but you can call me sam
State- Nevada
Fave halo game- Halo Reach or 3 for getting me into halo
Preferred building method- 3d printing
Biggest inspiration for your armor- honestly not too sure, i just want to live halo i guess idk lol
link where we can find you on socials if you have any- on insta

If you could write a little blurb about where you were in 2007 at the release of halo 3 I’d love to hear!
I was in the delivery room loll
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Username: MistahFox
State: Colorado
Fav halo game: Halo 3: ODST
Preferred building method: Foamsmithing (For now)
Biggest inspiration for your armor: I love ODST armor and the color blue, and maybe got a little carried away with weathering...
and then link where we can find you on socials if you have any:
Instagram: Login • Instagram

If you could write a little blurb about where you were in 2007 at the release of halo 3 I’d love to hear!
I was a little too busy with Lego Star Wars to notice. I didn't become a Halo fan until I binged lore videos when I was home sick sometime in 2018.
Oh boy...

Username: Sean Anwalt

State: Utah

Fave halo game: pfffft...... hard to say. Probably Halo 2, if I'm honest. (Secretly I love the story but am not a fan of the game play. The controls aren't customizable enough. Also I don't like Cortana. ‍)

Preferred building method: Foam, weirdly. I love pepakura, but hot dang is it expensive and time consuming!

Biggest inspiration for your armor: Kurt 051, from the books. He was more personal than the other Spartans, and a great team player. No references at all to armor, since all the new permutation stuff came around from the games after the books (kinda sorta...), so it allowed me to go wild with my imagination, which I love doing.

Link where we can find you on socials if you have any: Does not exist. Social media is evil and nothing good has ever come from it. Want to cure your mental illness? Stop social media and go for a walk in a park.

Also I'm on discord, but I'm too old to understand what that means...

In 2007 I was (drum roll): right out of high school either volunteering at the Hill Aerospace Museum in Roy, Utah, OR! a licensed minister in Indiana. Not a joke. Not too focused on Halo, unfortunately.
Username: Kramnog, most people just call me Oni though
State: Wyoming
Fave halo game: Lots of love for the OG Halo
Preferred building method: I mostly make functional armor for the SCA as of right now
Biggest inspiration for your armor: My kid wants to make Apex Legends armor, so I'm going to one-up her and make a mech.
Hello All...
User name: Tohmer64, can call me Les
State: Wyoming
Favorite Halo game: I'm not much of a gamer. I am a video geek though. I think i have watched every Halo video on Youtube. Many more than once
Preferred build method: I started with EVA Foam, built a helmet. I am now trying my hand at 3D printing.
Biggest inspiration: I like the storylines and also seeing some of the characters that are lesser developed tha MC get some action
2007: Well I was between deployments and was focused on other things like my personal training and skills...
Skuffalo, (Waiting on username change to Neebs.)
Washington, Utah
I like the Bungie stuff.
Building method, 3D Printing.
Biggest inspiration, the gritty and dark side of Halo I love.

As of writing this, I'm working on a Halo 3 Marine and thinking about doing a Mirage SPI. I've got a friend group who is also in on the Halo cosplay gig. Looking forward to it all!

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