Regiment Meetup, Spring 2020 Utah


405th Regiment Officer
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Hello! This is the thread for the regiment meetup we are holding in Utah. This is going to be an interesting thread because I need someone in the Utah area to step up and send me a message or comment below. I would really like to have regular meetups in all the locations that the mountain regiment reaches and for that I need someone who's willing to pick a time, location and be our local "host" for these events. For now I'm going to make these placeholders until I can get more information.

Were: Utah
When: March, 2020
What to bring: Bring your helmet but not your full armor. We will set up an armor cosplay event in the near future. If you don't have armor or a helmet? No sweat! Just bring yourself.

If you are interesting in being my main contact for planning this event, please leave a comment below and I will send you a personal message. I am excited to get this in gear.


Sean Anwalt

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Member DIN
As much as I do NOT want to say this, I am cancelling the meetup. I wish all of us could stay home, safe, and not run the risk of ANY disease exposure, much less covid-19. If you don't have to leave, don't, and wash with SOAP, not hand sanitizer, frequently.
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