405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
We have decided to start highlighting one Mountain Member each month! The Member Highlight will appear here as well as on the 405th Mountain Regiment Socials on the first Friday of every month going forward!

To start us of for the month of May, I am proud to present Mountain Regiment's RCO Angus314!


If you have any questions you would like to ask your fellow Mountain Regiment Members, let us know and we'll add them in to the question bank!

Aside from that, have a great month 405th and don't forget to check back on June 2nd for the next Mountain Regiment Member Highlight!
It's time again for the Mountain Regiment Monthly Member Highlight!

For the month of June 2023, I am proud to present Mountain Regiment's RMO Shadowshail!!

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I remember when I decided to check out the 405th again in 2020, after not logging into the forums in years, I had a message from Shadowshail sitting in my inbox. It was just a message checking in on the two posts I made years ago and talking about reaching out to people who'd fall under the mountain regiment. I had missed this message by 3 months, but decided to reply anyway. He responded almost immediately. I think it was within a couple minutes. That's always stuck with me and was a huge reason I really got into this community.
It's Friday! Time for another Mountain Regiment Monthly Member Highlight!

This month we will finish covering your 2023 Mountain Regiment staff with the newest staff member. I don't know if I've ever met this guy, but for this month's highlighted member I present to you Mountain Regiment's RXO DeltaAlphaZulu!!!


That wraps up all of your 2023 Mountain Staff, so starting in August we will begin highlighting random Mountain Members! So make sure if you have any questions you want to ask your fellow members, please let us know! See ya again next month!

It's August and now that we have concluded introducing Mountain Regiment's 2023 Staff it's time to begin introducing our costuming members!

Your Mountain Member being highlighted for the month of August is none other than...

Nevada's very own tahu505 and his lovely red and yellow Halo Reach Grenadier!

If you happen to be in Salt Lake City, UT this weekend you may spot him running around the Salt Lake HCS Event! Drop by and say hi! Also take a look at that trigger discipline!

That wraps up this month's Mountain Member highlight! To everyone in the 405th, We in the Mountain Regiment want to wish you all a great month and happy building!

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