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Regiment membership - please all read

Discussion in 'Site Support' started by FANGS, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. jsg6


    I request to be put in the Pacific Regiment, thanks!
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2017
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  2. CarterBuilder12


    Hello there!

    I think it's time I joined my regiment :)

    May i be added to the European Regiment?
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  3. Distemper


    Made all the requirements yesterday and looking to join the Arizona Regiment. I live in Sierra Vista, very far southern Arizona. Looking at the map I only see 1 other person near me but I want to join up anyways lol
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  4. Hibson


    I would like to request a review for admission to the Pacific Regiment as I'm from Oregon! Thank you.
  5. HaloHunterChief


    Hello everyone I really like the 405th but I have a problem I live at the bottom of Africa, which don't get me wrong I love it here but There isn't a regiment for that I am an American officially, born in Dayton, Ohio. Me and my family do come back to the states to visit the family so I don't really know what to from here if I could get some advise that would be great
  6. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    Hello HaloHunterChief ! I think likely the best option would be for you to be added to the Midwest Regiment (assuming that when you visit you come to Ohio). That would at least give you a home base. However, if there were others in your area eventually we'd be happy to start a Regiment for you! Looks like you've got the post count already - just need to wait for the 90 days to lapse! I think that makes you eligible to be added to Midwest at the end of October! Just post back here in this thread when the time comes and we'll get you added.
  7. HaloHunterChief


    Hey FANGS thx for replying although one place I do visit every year is Idaho so maybe my home base should be the Mountain Regiment
  8. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    Give it some thought. You certainly don't have to be a part of a Regiment to be here but I welcome you to do so if you wish!
  9. HaloHunterChief


    yeah I do want to join on e buy how do I sign up?
  10. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Please see the first post in this thread:

    "What does it take to join a regiment?

    Membership in a regiment is an entirely voluntary process. The Armory (The New File Archive) and all sections of the Forum, except for the local regiment sections, are open to any Registered Forum Member. You do not need to join a Regiment to download files, post in the costume creation sections, or show off your build.

    However, if a member decides to take the next step and join a regiment and get more involved with local fellow 405th members, they must first make sure that their account is more than 90 days old and that they have over 50 posts. This demonstrates that the member is committed to actively participating with the 405th Organization. Once a member has 50 posts on an account that is over 90 days old, they then post in this thread and request to be added to their local Regiment.

    The Regimental Membership Officer, or RMO, for that Regiment is responsible for checking this thread and confirming that the member meets the requirements and belongs in their Regiment. At that time the local RMO will then give the go ahead in a special thread in the Regimental Command Staff Section for the member to be added to the Regiment."
  11. HaloHunterChief


    Ok thx Cadet ok ya may I join Mountain Regiment
  12. Bullseye


    Would request to be changed from Mountain Regiment to Southern regiment due to moving to Virginia.
  13. HaloHunterChief


    May I join the Mountain Regiment, thanks
  14. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    You need to wait until the end of the month for your 90 days to be complete, and then we most certainly can!
  15. HaloHunterChief


    oh ok sure thing
  16. Manu


    I only need ten posts (nine if you count this one out) and i just wanted to ask, where i need to sign up for a membership in a regiment (which would be the European Regiment in my case) since in the European Regiment section of the forum i can only find the "register as a deployed costume member" where you are supposed to post pictures of you in the suit, but my problem with this is, that i don`t have any pictures of me in my old suit and my new parts are not finished yet.
    So where exactly can i sign up for a regiment membership ?
  17. Asgardianhammer

    Asgardianhammer Identity Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    You will need to request this from your Regiment Membership Officer and Regiment Commander Manu
  18. Manu


    Thank you for the information. I`ll be sure to do that when after i have reached my 50 post requirement.
  19. Lowcone494


    I would like to join in the Midwest Regiment, thanks!
  20. Thom A293

    Thom A293

    Can I join the pacific regiment?
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  21. Joffersmk2


    Hi, I'd like to join the European regiment please.
  22. M071


    Can you add me to Pacific Regiment
  23. Yortstorm


    I need to be moved to MTZ regiment again for now, I might be moving to Arizona soon to settle in, sorry bout all the goddamn moving but I didnt think I would move so much
  24. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    FANGS can we add Alaska and Hawaii to the Pacific's domain listed in your first post?
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  25. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

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