Resin, wich to use?

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Well, it's my 1st post here, i just saw the Master Chief helmet, thought "well, i think i'll just do it" now i can't stop folding paper :p

the question here is, i can't get Fiberglass resin (i live in argentina :p) all i find is poliester resin. now anyone has tryed that? is it the same, not as good, etc.

Thx 2 all for making a gr8 site. i just love this :)
ok i managed to get the supplyes, turns out fiberglass resin is called poliester resin over here ^^
now another one, as i researched techniques over the internet many think it's a good idea to put a few coats of fiberglass, then a coat of carbon fiber for stiffness and fially a coat of kevlar to keep the carbon from shatering. kevlar is somewhat too expensive, but i think i can manage a single coat of carbon for each piece and an extra coat of fiberglass to keep it from shatering. anyone any thoughts?

thx in advance
Sikarian said:

Are you expecting to take some hostile fire in that there papercraft suit?

I almost used Kevlar in my suit.. When I went back to the place I had seen it available, someone had bought the entire bolt.
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hahah, well i don't expect hostile fire :lol: anyway it isn't bulletproof grade Kevlar (that is Kevlar 129 and is very hard to find and expensive :p) the main idea behind kevlar is to give the piece resistance to impact. in this URL u can find a small description of different fabrics with pics ^^

fiberglass, carbon and kevlar fabrics
Kevlar and carbon fiber are overkill. If you do the fiberglass correctly, it will provide you with all the impact resistance you need. Save your money.

Besides, kevlar and carbon have to be inset a certain way or will delaminate and your money has just been thrown away.
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