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i know the answers are out on the forum, but from what i can tll are dispersed through tons of differant topics. Could someone just tell me if I need to buy a respirator, or will just like a surgical mask work and why.
No I mean in the outdoors, just do all the work outside and then a surgical mask will be fine. The wind and air keep the toxic gases away from you enough to keep it safe.
o, the only point is to wear it while applying, i thought everyone was wearing them in thier helmets since the smell and stuff lingers in there for a while
No, nobody that I know has said anything about that. I don't think it's the smell that gets you, I think the toixc is just around when you first do it as the reaction is first occuring. Just resin outside, fiberglass inside, let dry, and wear. you should be fine.
im charging my camera now so i can take a pic... i made it with textures on it (bad idea) so i could tell what parts are what, it made the unfinished helmet look nicer, but made it hard to read most of the numbers because of the black on the helmet

ok camera charged, got a few pics, here is the best one


Also, does anyone know why i cant start a topic in the main seciton??? do i have to get like over 20 posts or something?
Manufacturers of Fiberglass Cloth and Resin will advise you to work with respirator (read Fiberlay's PDF). A respirator has cartridges that are designed to absorb fumes and particulates (this is not a dust mask). If you work with resin, you know it gets on everything (your coveralls, your gloves, your tools) so even if you work outside you'll be in close contact with the chemicals.

I've read (from a member on this forum) about how he didn't wear a respirator and got a serious lung infection. While most young people won't notice any immediate side effects it's wise to err on the side of caution. I myself once went outside to check my resin without my mask and got nauseous. That stuff burns your nose pretty bad so I like to wear my respirator for the smell alone.

So, be careful and have fun.

Health information about the active chemical in resin (styrene)...
Studies evaluating inhalation exposure have demonstrated that styrene is a strong irritant. Eye, nose and throat irritation is common at exposure levels above 50 to 100 ppm but can also occur at levels of about 20 to 30 ppm. At very high levels chronic bronchitis type symptoms and other respiratory symptoms appear. Multiple central and peripheral acute nervous system effects have been described at levels of about 100 ppm but some neurological symptoms and color vision impairment may also appear at much lower levels. Effects on the liver (acute in animals, chronic in exposed workers), and the kidney and also genotoxic effects have been described at low levels.In the past, the so called "styrene sickness" was described in workers heavily exposed to styrene including nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, and general weakness.
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Yes and no, if your working outside, you just need some sort of covering for your nose, that is say your ina empty yard with nothing around you but open space, if your in a garage or in your house or on the side of your house, then yes, please use one or you will be upset when the doctor says you have a disease.
Basically always wear a respirator when working with fiberglass resin, as the fumes are a health hazard... if you choose to not wear one do so at your own risk, always make sure you have ample ventilation, i.e. outside, vents, fans... also take breaks, it takes a few minutes for the resin to become hard so walk away from the area while it hardens.... wearing a surgical/dust mask doesn't really stop the fumes from entering your lungs its only there to keep particles out, not vapors... Also, refrain from taking deep breaths while near your work area if you are not wearing a respirator...

If at any time you feel light head, slowly walk away from your work area and do not return for some time... you also may wish to have supervision if you are not taking the manufacturers recommended safety precautions..

You wouldn't breath in gasoline fumes would you? You shouldn't breath in resin fumes either...
You need atleast 50 post's to post in the main section. Will have to keep your stuff here for now.

Helmet looks pretty sweet. The only thing that bothers me is it looks like the top half is angled upwards. I don't thin its supposed to be like that. I can't be to sure though.

Good Job and keep up the good work!

I just did a whole weekend of fiberglassing and trust me, you will need a respirator even working outside. The smell is really strong that it lingers in the air even outdoors. I had people walk next to my project and they all said that it smelled so bad..
ok thanks, for right now i think i will just try to put on a mask and do the outside quickly outside, but once i get to the fiberglassing and stuff, where my face is right in there, i will be sure to get one. fifty...... wow, ok, at least there are plenty of upper members who check the noob section so i can still get stuff answered.
Thanks again
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