Restarting my Freelancer Medic

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by JD of Asgard, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    Man it's been a while since I've posted here. My build has slowed down the a snail's pace. Between two kids, Army life, and school I'm lucky to get anything done.
    Thought I'd post some progress pics though to show where I'm at.

    20160228_182221-1.jpg Hand plates! I'm waiting for my full suit to come in before I add the snaps to the under bit and secure them fully to the gloves.

    20160228_182238-1.jpg What it'll look like in the end with the gloves attached.

    20160228_182255-1.jpg 20160228_182259-1.jpg 20160228_182300-1.jpg My forearms. Added LEDS to them.

    20160228_182228-1.jpg My cod/butt pieces. I forgot that the Halo 4 cod piece is more of a lower abdominal plate so I'm probably going to free hand a custom piece to cover my junk up.

    20160228_182343.jpg 20160228_182350.jpg My thigh piece!

    20160228_183205.jpg My awkward stance. Once I get my full suit in and snap all the pieces down I'll be able to stand more naturally.

    20160228_183225.jpg Lighting test for the forearms.

    20160228_183232.jpg Profile view. It's crazy to how all of the little progressesions I've made are starting to come together.

    20160228_183248.jpg My eyes don't open very much so when I try to open them I look terrified. Showing off the lighting and my Medic's stethoscope. You can see some wires poking out from where the battery for the fans is supposed to attach. Still figuring that one out.

    20160228_183900.jpg 20160228_183908.jpg My shiny new hex patterned face shield from Etsy! Going to wait until the Helmet is completely painted to install.

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  2. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    It's been a long while since my last update. I've moved to a new start and had a bunch of crazy life changes.
    I've busted my but the last few weeks though, and finally got it all built! Since I took this picture last week I've sanded down a few more areas that were problematic and begun the plastidiping process!

    It's pretty time consuming because it's been so hot around here that I can only really paint it in the evening. Any earlier than dusk and the heat starts to melt the hot glue before I can seal it all together.

    But after I've got that taken care of it's on to painting! I'm going to do it purple and white, just like pistol you see in the picture.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, does anyone know a good formula/paint mixture for fake blood? I'm going to use it on the medic after the initial painting process.
  3. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    20161010_230345.jpg 20161010_230351.jpg 20161010_230355.jpg

    Man, for something that took me so long, things are certainly coming along quite quickly.

    For every large piece that I paint I'm going to hit up a smaller piece. That way while the paint is drying on the bigger one I can still get some work in.
    Here's the painted crotch plate, gun, and most of the helmet. There are still a few spots of the helmet that need to be touched up but it's looking really good. I need to make a stencil for the logo on the side of the helmet there. It looks a little plain without it.
    After I get that done I'm going to add some weathering and blood splatter to it.
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  4. BPipkin

    BPipkin Jr Member

    I know how it feels i've been building an odst suit for almost two years, and only in the last to weeks have I seen it really flying together. I really like the purple and white color scheme that you are going with! Always been a fan of the non standard colors. Can't wait to see it done! Also since it is a freelancer have you considered what code name your going to use?
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  5. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    Crazy how that works right? We spend so much time trying to get everything just right with the build that it feels like it's never going to be done but then when we finally start the panting and stuff it's like a whole different process.
    Thank you so much! I really like the non-standard colors too. I picked purple and white because the medics in the RvBverse all wear some form of purple or purple/white combo. I didn't think it'd pop as well as it does though irl.

    Agent Virginia. :] I have a military stencil and I'm thinking about doing a stencil version of the name on the back of the chest piece.
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  6. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    20161012_223246 (1).jpg 20161012_223243.jpg
    finished up the painting on the helmet/crotch. Did some weathering so it didn't look so pristine.

    lower abdomen plate and hand plates are next up, followed by...

    The chest plate and my crack cover.
  7. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    rBao0fe.jpg Added some weathering to the suit. Need to hit the pistol up as well.
    lnjUk6s.jpg Checking out the helmet profile. I need to add the Project Freelancer logo to the side of the helmet there in the blank space.
    D1mHROV.jpg Lower abdominal plate.
    3EJf73v.jpg Crotch protector. Need to hide that package and the zipper for my undersuit.
    GKn0noE.jpg gloves are almost done as well.

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  8. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    Project Freelancer Logo on one side...

    And some Southern Regiment pride on the other.
  9. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    ae5DRSF.jpg hdih8nG.jpg ypknOH2.jpg

    Finally got the visor installed. lt only took me about 8 months to get around to it! haha.
    I ran into a little snag because the foam didn't quit line up right with the way I wanted the visor to sit but I connected the two using some simple wood filler. After sanding it down and repainting it I'm quite pleased with the results. Much better than my previous attempt.

    You can see where I just filled the gaps in with hot glue in this old model lol.

    I'm still pretty set on the blood splatter idea, but I want to wait until I build the whole suit and then have someone splash it on me. I feel like that'd make the splatter more realistic and less localized to each piece.
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  10. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    Wiring on the inside all set up. One battery powering lights and the other the fans.

    Testing it out. I can breathe!
  11. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    gksrWHo.jpg I've finally got the chest all painted!

    JPBD0kb.jpg My first attempt at building foam armor 3 years ago. Most of the details were painted on instead of built in lol.

    53Ir2Ln.jpg We've got hands, most of a boot and my pistol.

    lLfE9EZ.jpg Eyyyyy
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  12. StayFrosty


    Wow, that's really clean looking for a foam helmet! Keep up the good work, your armor looks great so far!
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  13. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    It's been a while since I've updated this so I thought I'd share my latest fitting test. I can only work on it for like an hour every few days at the moment and I'm really concerned about screwing it up at this stage so progress is slow.

    I've finished painting for the most part and I'm using clothing snaps to attach some of the pieces to the suit. I still have to attached the shoulders and the thighs because I made them just big enough that I wouldn't have trouble sliding it on but big enough apparently that I need the snaps to keep them on there.

    20170405_213133_003.jpg 20170405_213240.jpg
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  14. Distemper


    Keep up the great work.
  15. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    Thanks! Once I get those two areas secured I only have a few more touch ups and I'm officially done with this project.
  16. Distemper


    Awesome, you will need to update us with some great pics of the finished project.
  17. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    It's been a long road but I'm almost there. It's been nearly 3 years since I started this project and 2 since I decided I didn't like the path it was taking and restarted it. I've had a baby, moved, been to the field a fair few times with the army, and being the best dad I could be to 2 little hellions so I've slacked pretty hard on progress. I also had to remake a lot of pieces early on because I'd start to rush through so I decided slow and steady wins the race.

    But I've finally got everything attached to the undersuit and painted. All that's left is to add a final layer of weathering this weekend by having my wife splash me with some old fake blood. My miserable medic's not very good at his job, but considering he's from the RvBverse I think it's perfectly understandable.

    20170420_221904.jpg 20170420_221907.jpg 20170420_221919.jpg 20170420_221928.jpg 20170420_221939.jpg 20170420_221939_20170420223420512.jpg 20170420_221946.jpg 20170420_222002.jpg 20170420_222005.jpg 20170420_222017.jpg
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  18. mblackwell1002


    looks good, but....your thighs are on backwards...and on the wrong legs...:p

    But remember...he's from RvBverse, so it's...yeah...acceptable. :D

    But really, it looks great! I'm awaiting the finished product (inclusive of weathering)!!

    (and properly worn thigh armor :p)
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  19. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    hahaha omg. you know I thought something felt off when I was suiting up. I kept thinking : "man, it's usually easier to sit down with these on."
    thanks for the heads up!
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  20. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    So I added some blood splatter to the front of my suit. He's a medic in the RvBverse so he's not particularly good at his job. Eh, they'll be alright. They can just rub some aloe vera on it.

    I made sure I put my thighs on the right way this time. haha.

    It's been a long journey. Can't wait to wear this to con.

    I've got myself a 3D printer this year for my tax return "treat yo self" money, so the next go around is bound to be better!

    april_2017-1.jpg april_2017-2.jpg april_2017-4.jpg april_2017-6.jpg april_2017-8.jpg april_2017-9.jpg april_2017-11.jpg april_2017-12.jpg
  21. mblackwell1002


    Dude, that looks great!!!

    one suggestion, should add some really BIG blood splatters rather than just tiny ones. Like a few really long, thin splats with a circular piece that's like the size of an orange.

    and maybe some blood that got rubbed on by say a dying marine or something while you were trying to fix him up. Maybe on the thighs where blood would end up.

    just ideas, I think it would make it 'pop' out a little more. Nevertheless, nice suit!!
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2017
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  22. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    good idea. I have a hard time reeling it back in and not going over the top so I was trying to keep it reserved but that's a good tip. I'll probably hit that up sometime this week, thanks!
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  23. mblackwell1002


    yeah, I sometimes overdo mud and stuff, but in this case, it would be realistic.
    I was thinking something like Finn's stormtrooper helmet in TFA. Like that amount of blood, but in both blood rubbed and blood splatters.

    nothing too crazy, just one or 2 splotches.
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  24. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    ohh! Yeah that blood mark on Finn's armor was awesome. Thanks for that!
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  25. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Great job, Spartan! I'm loving the colour scheme you used. You'll be certain to stand out at cons!
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