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Currently I am working on a pepakura plasma pistol. So far I've extracted the model for Halo 2, combined all the pieces into one continuous piece (also made it in 3 seperate pieces), designed it on pepakura, printed it out, and have scored it all. Gonna go start glueing now.
Plasma Pistol in pepakura before edit.
Plasma Pistol in pepakura after edit.
I combined all those stupid isolated edges.
Plasma Pistol Pieces.

I've stopped making the armor for now because I'm not satisfied with the Halo 2 models, or Slyfo's Halo 3 models. Slyfo's have to many open edges in random places, and some of the faces that should be gone are not. I prefer to make my own models so that they are exactly the way I like them anyway.

I've also made a closed-stock SMG and plan to possibly make that next.

I scale all of my 3D models so that full size is 86 (Masterchief's height) in pepakura. That way to make a scale item for you, you only have to enter your height to get it scaled right. Having random numbers like 19.something or 32.2 or what ever is too complicated.

This is my equipment case. It used to be a PSP case, but I sold it, so now it is for paper craft. It has a hobby knife kit, hot glue gun, metal ruler, scissors, extra hot glue sticks, and tape.

I keep my scored pieces in a zip-lock baggie for easy transport.

These are the pieces that I made before deciding to wait. I think they may be to big anyway.
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