Roll Call - Canadian Regiment Introductions

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  1. TurboCharizard

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    I'm honestly more excited that you're back in action. Bump away good sir!

    Should I post here?

    Name: Chris, TurboCharizard, Skookum Props
    Victoria BC
    Costuming since:
    Knee-high to a grasshopper, as a "cosplayer" with an "official Facebook page" since summer of 2016.
    About me:
    I live on the forums pretty much and I'm here to help teach others from my mistakes! My job is very computer based and a lot of testing on existing systems with set methods of repair so cosplay hits all my creative and manufacturing desires, unfortunately that means you guys are all along for the ride when I post stuff.
    Favourite Cons:
    CoVaCon (Courtenay/Comox), AniRevo (Vancouver) and Otafest are my yearly highlights but I try to hit as many local events as possible to help out with the costuming community.
    Costumes/Props: I post most everything here in one form or another but I also try to share frequently on Skookum Props and Armour on Facebook and SkookumProps on Instagram. My current proudest builds are my BotW Link and my Reach Spartan but I always want to keep improving and building better stuff so have some of my favourite photos of my pride and joy.
    DSC03657 (1).jpg DSC00295.jpg
  2. Rinzlerr

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    Okay my turn

    Name: Mason, aperture industries, Rinzlerr_
    Location: Victoria, BC
    Costuming since: just started
    About me: Where do I start? I've framed houses, worked in kitchen for four years, poured concrete, welded bridges, fixed cellphones, some coding, photoshop ninja, IT software and hardware and now recently photographer. I pretty much live at coffee shops now and at events when I'm not modding video games.
    Favourite Cons: Capcity (Victoria BC), Fan Expo
    Costumes/Props: ODST once its finished
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  3. Cpl Shepard

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    Name: Cpl Shepard
    Location: Near Toronto
    Costuming since: 2012
    About me: Woodworker, Artist, Loves VHS tapes, Steak-eater, Whiskey Enthusiast
    Favourite Cons: Anime North
    Costumes/Props: An SB ODST set and working on a proper vacuum former

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