Roll Call, HCS Fort Worth September 1-3 2023!


With HCS having 3 events this past year in the DFW area and Dreamhack and HCS Arlington being a big hit I am curious to know who exactly will be attending HCS Fort Worth! I've already bought my tickets and might attend afternoon/evening of Friday and will be there all of Sunday! Either way I'd like to know who is attending even if we weren't officially invited. I'll be there in my ODST Helmet Repaint since I still haven't quite finished or even started the large parts of my armor. Either way if you are just now hearing about this and are curious the Halo Waypoint link is attached so don't be afraid to check it out. Hoping to see y'all there! (there is also a coupon code for this that’s 40% off!)

Halo Waypoint link:

Coupon Code: HCS40
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