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Roll Call!

Discussion in 'Midwest Regiment' started by ColFork85, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Fllschrimjager


    Name: Michael Koenig
    Location: Outside Chicago western suburbs
    Costuming since: 2015
    About me: Well I im an athlete for a small sport with that I lose a lot of time to it and cant build as much as I want. I also play airsoft in the Chicago land area. with that i also am studying film and hope to make some of the movies that I have written eventually.
    Costumes/Props: I Am currently working on a RVB Felix costume and a DMR to go along with it
    Favorite con: Been to gencon but would like to go to pax and RTX some time.
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  2. KRI667


    Name: Kris
    Location:South Central MN
    Costuming since: With seriousness, earlier this year. Other wise i've been making random props and replicas for 4 years or so
    Favorite Con: Only ever been to Metacon so far
    Costume/Props: currently have a custom reach build thread, and I just completed a ghost from destiny
  3. CrimsonViper97


    Name: Eddie
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Costuming since: I worked on a few different projects through high school but officially started an ODST costume about a year ago
    About me: Hey guys! I'm currently a college student, but, in the little spare time I have, enjoy working on pretty much anything DIY. I've always been a fan of the little guys in the halo universe who don't have a suit of power armor to protect them, so you'll see most of my projects revolving around marines or ODSTs.
    Favorite Cons: So far I've only been to Anime Zap and Anime Midwest, but you'll find me at Anime Midwest again this year!
    Costumes/Props: Currently have an ODST suit in progress, the goal being to have it done for Anime Midwest.
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  4. Lazkin

    Lazkin RXO and RMO

    Welcome aboard!
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