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Roll Call!

Discussion in 'Midwest Regiment' started by ColFork85, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Lazkin

    Lazkin RXO and RMO

    Really nice to see more non-spartan halo costumes. Keep up the good work!
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  2. kilted klingon

    kilted klingon

    Name: Daniel M
    Location: Cincinnati OH
    Costuming since: 1998
    About me: I work for the Government, been costuming for years and wanting to increase my abilities. I am a martial artist.
    Favorite Cons: Starbase Indy & Marcon
    Costumes/Props: Finished (Ish): Klingon (TOS TAS and TNG versions)
    WIP: Jorge
    Space Marine
    Idea planning stage: Olaf (from Frozen) Sith
    Stormtrooper (Snow Regular and episode 7)
    Hello Kitty Zombie
  3. Murf


    Name: Connor Murphy, "Murf" or "Chops" also! Spaceagedpolymer around the web!
    Location: Wyandotte, Michigan
    Costuming: since 2009 but building halo related armor in 2014
    About me: run an art blog spaceagedpolymerart.tumblr.com I'm an artist and a musician in the detroit area currently in college, hopefully studying to be an animator. Currently in two bands, Boyfrienders and Devil World, very local projects. All around love the halo series, it was my first real fps and I've been hooked since then!
    Favorite Cons: pretty much only made it to colossal con in sandusky and Youmacon in Detroit but they were both great!
    Costumes/Props: Finished and also scrapped odst build i made for youmacon this year, my first build and it really didn't hold together too long besides the helmet

    10440950_827830917239850_1581855081596121720_n.jpg IMG_7122.JPG

    Soon to be building an actual serious build, probably out of foam, I am thinking Hayabusa and or ODST sniper, have not yet made up my mind lol!
    I am also planning to make a few prop weapons, i am looking at making an M41 launcher and a SRS99C-S2 AM sniper!
  4. Lazkin

    Lazkin RXO and RMO

    Welcome! I'm sure you'll be happy to see all the people from Michigan around here :) Hopefully we can get you introduced to them pretty soon. I know with the holidays people are with their families and friends.
  5. Cobbatron


    (sorry for the large photos)

    Ben Cobb
    Location: Centerville, OH
    Costuming since: 2009, I was 12!
    About me: I'm an 18 year old High School Senior, I joined the 405th when I was in the 7th grade and have really frequented the site ever since! I've seen members come and go and I very rarely post now, but trust me...I am watching...
    I started costuming when I was 12 and thought "I'd like to wear Chief's armor!" two years later I was sporting a custom Gears of War armor :confused Anyway after a year since joining I released my Reach files I had been working on (I hate every single one of them now, so many things I have learned modeling wise since I made those!) Then I made the Gears suit and then a custom Mark VI (both just...horrible.) and finally I made a Master Chief, a Halo 4 one to be specific! It was after that that I tackled making two suits at the same time, Agent York and Carolina from Red vs Blue, HUGE SUCCESS! Some of the best work I've ever put into anything. I was able to sell the York but unfortunately I no longer have the Carolina (left it at an ex-girlfriend's house...yay...) Feeling dejected after that I stopped working on suits for awhile, but after 5 months of no work I picked up my ODST suit again and finished it. I'm not necessarily extremely happy with it but it still looks fantastic! That is the last thing I have worked on, I do plan on a Mass Effect suit very soon though...
    When not costuming I work tech and act at my High School theatre, our productions rival professional theatre and is one of the best high school theatre's in the state of Ohio! I will be attending Miami University (Ohio) next year, majoring in Theatre and minoring in Interactive Media Studies.
    So thats me! Now you know a bit more about Rhinoc!
    Favorite Cons: Wizard World Ohio, (maybe RTX next year!)
    I apologize for the crummy quality of photos...

    Gears (oh how i dont like this one...)

    Mark VI (poorly constructed honestly, but its alright! Thats my brother in the photo)

    The Chief (I was actually pretty happy with this guy, forearms a bit small but it survived pretty well!)

    York and Carolina (my pride and joy, I know it sounds horrible but I miss the suit more than the girl, long story)

    ODST Codename THESPIS (I dont think there is an photo of the finished suit, i'll do some digging. This guy actually got to be scanned at Doppelgänger Labs, the first company to bring their 3d scanning and printing tech to the public. Instead of 5 minutes or more to scan it takes 12 seconds and the statue comes out 1/9 size and made of ceramic. Its pretty cool, they brought me in as the first cosplayer to use it and I got to do it free!)

    Attached Files:

  6. murishani047


    Name: Austin Karl, aka Spartan James Sierra-247

    Location: Kirksville, MO!

    Costuming since: I've been following this site for a year or two before I joined, but only just started building in December 2014.

    About me: I'm a CS major at Truman State University. I enjoy playing and making video games, I also do some Web Development. I have a YouTube channel and Twitter, both usernames murishani047. Fun fact if you don't know, murishani means Bounty Hunter in Huttese. Also, the 47 is an inside joke with me and my friends, because then I can use AK47 as a clan tag in games and it's funny because it is actually my initials.

    Favorite Cons: Haven't been to any yet! Hope to change that soon.

    Costumes/Props: Here's my old pep build (left) and my current build (right):



    Also made a Captain America Shield out of a Dish 500 satellite:

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  7. ErMaC


    What's upEverybody,

    Name: David Nicklas

    Location: Pingree Grove, Illinois

    Age/ statues: I was born in 1983 and I'm currently engaged and my fiancé barely tolerates my armor building and me talking about my armor.

    Occupation: Security Officer

    Armor: Halo Reach Commander with Jetpack

    About: I'm a very simple individual and I'm really not that exciting.

    Hobbies: I love video games and just recently got into the Halo series, I watch the Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory and Netflix. I've been working on my armor a lot so my hobby list was cut down to a very short list.

    This is my first armor build and its been a fun learning process. I help out others with there builds and enjoy doing it. I cant wait to see you guys at C2E2 in April.

    Thank you for accepting my request to join this regiment and I will see you guys later.
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  8. Lemonade


    Name: Rachel Chojnacki

    Location: Chicago, IL

    Costuming since:
    I started cosplaying in 2009, but didn't make my suit until 2012.

    About me:
    I'm 23, and I work as a graphic designer for a retail real estate company in Chicago. Even though I'm just starting out on the forums, I already know a good chunk of you through attending numerous cons throughout the year. I made my suit specifically to be Red vs Blue's Grif, which is why it's an yellowish-orange.

    Favorite Cons:
    I'm at every major con in Chicago, including C2E2, Wizard World, and ACen, and I've also added Youmacon onto my list of must-attends, as there are so many fantastic Michigan-based Spartans. Youmacon might be my favorite con. I also have plans to make the drive down to Georgia for Dragoncon, which will be my first time attending. I'm genuinely excited to meet all the new faces underneath the unfamiliar helmets of the Southern Regiment.

    Since I'm super bored of the standard "now pose and look cool" pictures of armor, I thought I'd show you my armor doing stuff you don't normally see armor do.

    Here's me drinking a juice box.

    Here I am playing an arcade game.

    Now I'm listening to Story Time with Cortana in my local Barnes & Noble 6.

    Now I'm trying on dresses with Gio. He think's it would look better in green.

    Here you can see me relaxing on a couch contemplating the great questions of life.

    For example, were those the droids I was looking for?

    My friend Alyssa and I recreating The Titanic. Look Jack, I'm flying!

    And this is when I summoned an army of kids to take down my blue counterpart.
    this is awesome.jpg

    Oh, who's that, you say? That's just Alan Tudyk, aka Wash from Firefly, photobombing us at Wizard World.

    And here's a photo of my friend's dog for no reason.
  9. ErMaC


    excellent, nice to see another illinois
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  10. Expendable


    Name: Christopher
    Location:Flushing, MI
    Costuming Since: 2008
    About Me: Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Most of my costumes are thread and cloth, but tried a bit of pepakura. The only problem I've been having making armor is that I can't get the resin mixes right.
    Favorite Con: I haven't really been to one. There is a small convention in Flint (Koyo fest) that I've been to. Won a prize with my "Assassin's Creed" costume.

    I really wanted to make my ODST three years back, but weather and resin difficulties set me back.
    These are Hugh Holder's models that I got from here

    My "Assassin's Creed"

    One that was inspired by the claw from "Prototype" but not based on.
  11. Lazkin

    Lazkin RXO and RMO

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  12. JSnellArt


    Name: Jamie
    Location: Columbus, Ohio
    Costuming since: 2011
    About me: Professional Freelance Illustrator.
    Twitter: Jsnellart
    Instagram: Artist_JamieSnell
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamie.snell
    Favorite Cons: Dragon Con!
    Halo: Complete ODST
    Star Wars: Tusken and Tie Reserve. Ordered an Anovos TK kit. Should have Fall 2015
    custom Mandalorian Merc
    Maybe working on a GhostBusters this summer.
  13. mkshane81


    Name: MattLocation: Greenville, Ohio (west central)
    Costuming since: 2009, when I joined the 405th
    About me: Husband, and father to 2 wonderful kids. I work in two-way communications sales and service, and work primarily with first responders.
    Favorite Cons: Have yet to attend
    Costumes/Props: I completed a Halo 3 Master Chief build back in 2008, and have started a couple different projects since. Items on my to-do list are a Halo 3 ODST, Reach Recon Spartan and Didact.
  14. chase314


    Name: Chase314
    Location: Aurora IL
    Costuming: Cosplaying since 2013, but I always have put together very elaborate Halloween costumes :)
    About me: I love gaming (videogames, tabletop and roleplaying), in addition to Cosplaying. Unfortunately, I work in IT and recently got engaged, so I don't have as much free time for my hobbies as I would like :)
    Favorite Cons: Dragoncon
    Costumes/Props: Dexter, Axton from Borderlands, Grammaton Cleric, ODST (Still in progress)

    1275216_624787435781_237926479_o.jpg 10330426_10101494714062937_1454611982039853317_n.jpg 11146348_727427349571_3049194384268251053_o.jpg 10633277_681665022641_6623557801738468024_o.jpg 11854024_746593919611_1555522658_n.jpg
  15. Cptins8n087


    Name: Scott Shuttleworth a.k.a. CptIns8n087(xboxlive)
    Location: Clawson, MI
    Costuming: started 2014 still kinda a begginer
    About Me: I love HALO, it has been a big part of my life for many years. I work for AppleCare as a senior technical advisor.
    Favorite Cons: Youmacon, Shutocon, MotoCity Comic Con
    Costumes: ODST(almost complete), ODST Dress Uniform(just starting)
  16. RoyalN9ne


    Name: Brandon, Some people call me Breezy
    Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Costuming since: 2015
    About me: Go Pack Go! I rewind electric motors. Been doing that for about 2 years now. In my free time i enjoy longboarding, reading, and gaming. Recently got into costuming from a buddy a work who is part of the 501st Legion of Wisconsin[Star Wars for those who don't know, Feel free to join the dark side. We are pretty nice;)]
    Costumes/Props: None so far but I am working on it.
  17. Absol898


    Name: Joe
    Location: Canton, MI
    Costuming since: 2013
    About me: I am an aviation flight tech. student at Eastern. I love gaming and do cosplay on my down time.
    Costumes: 3!

    My first was a cog soldier (now retired)


    Second is my NCR vet. ranger. The first pic is the good one, the second is a low quality shot of it reworked for youma.

    th_481632_511447892222092_1529568274_n_zpsadlduld5.jpg th_image_zps2jnmohap.jpe

    Lastly, my ODST! also will be going to youma.


    Look foreword to seeing you guys at cons!

    Attached Files:

  18. mzoy888


    Name: Michael Zoyhofski [mikey please :)]
    Location: canton ohio
    Costuming since: when i was 12 but this is the first time I've created a 3d build i just did clothing not armor.
    About me: well I'm 15, i am a nature lover, i can't live a day without drawing or photography mixed in with video games. i am a comic geek. i was born in solvakia and was adopted in america only a few days old. i grew up speaking english. i was always interested in being a hero of some sorts and halo just drew me in my first halo game was halo 3. i couldn't stop playing it and i wanted to be a spartan so i wanted to be tall and strong. i was little but now I'm 6' 1" and now i made my spartan armor and I'm 200lbs so i became what i wanted to be
    Favorite Cons: not very familiar with cons. I've only been to comicon once. id like to find some cons close to canton!

    my own
    character. Spartan Buster

    no undersuit in pics sorry
    Photo on 10-21-15 at 9.20 PM #2.jpg

    Photo on 10-26-15 at 6.22 PM #2.jpg



    grenade (now painted green and silver)


    and now for some bonus material

    heres some of my photography i took in colorado this summer

    deadpool 002.JPG

    pic 123.JPG

    jimm 033.jpg
    pic 692.JPG
    pic 890.JPG
    pic 897.JPG
    pic 468.JPG

    Attached Files:

  19. locostorm


    Hey guys this is my first build and i want to know what you guys think.
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  20. mandoman247


    Name: James Dean
    Location: Appleton, Wisconsin
    Costuming since: 2011
    About me: Married for 19 years and a father of 2 (son 14 yrs and daughter 18 yrs)
    Favorite Cons: Kitsune Kon in Green Bay WI
    Costumes/Props: Halfway through 3 Halo 4 helmets (Commando, Deadeye, and Raider). In the process of building 3 Halo 4 MK V foam suits for me and my kids.
  21. Sentri


    Name: I'm most commonly called Syd or Chaos, but if I'm DJing I go by my moniker Sentri.
    Location: Lake Orion, MI
    Costuming since: I've been a cosplayer since 2006, but working on my first armor this year
    About me: Guess you could call me a jack of all trades (or Jill in my case). I'm 29 and working in the Tooling field as a CAD Designer. I enjoy many sports and activities ranging from summer to winter, and from extreme to casual (trust me, it's a very long list.) I'm a DJ on the side, running my own Youtube music mix show, and I'm also a martial artist in the Korean style of Tang Soo Do. While I don't have my 1st DAN Black belt yet, I have what is considered a recommended black belt.
    Favorite Cons: You'll see me at many Michigan cons including Shutocon, MEGGAcon, Midwest Media Expo, and Youmacon. My budget doesn't allow anything out of state *cry*
    Costumes/Props: Pics will be added later, but I have a variety of costumes. Cid Highwind (Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children), Ozpin (RWBY), Yang (RWBY), Engineer (Team Fortress 2), lightsaber staff Jedi (Star Wars), and now working on 479er from Red vs Blue.
  22. Lazkin

    Lazkin RXO and RMO

    Welcome, welcome!
  23. ZP180


    Never did post in here:

    Name: Wiemer
    Location: St. Louis, MO
    Costuming since: Nov. 2015
    About me: I work as a mobile developer at a small tech startup. In my free time I enjoy playing and watching sports, playing music and video games.
    Favorite Cons: I've only been to one local con so far, but am hoping to start being able to afford to travel so if anyone knows of good cons semi-close to StL I'd like to know about them.
    Costumes/Props: Still working on my first ever with my ODST build. Slow progress is better than no progress.
  24. AtomicDeadlock


    Name: Connor (Just call me Atomic)
    Location: White Lake, MI
    Costuming since: 2012 but never made a full suit until the one I'm making now.
    About me: I build things and blow up stuff.
    Favorite Cons: Never been, but want to go to RTX
    Costumes/Props: Check out my thread here.
  25. Private Jenkins

    Private Jenkins

    Name: Andy, some call me Drew
    Location: Lake in the Hills, Illinois
    Costuming since: 2015
    About me: I have 3 kids all under 5 at the moment, they are a handful, and take up MOST of my free time. I am an engineering manager for a global motor/ gearmotor company, I'm a gearhead at heart, and I love to tinker. I have a 600 Horsepower 3000GT VR4 which nothing is stock and almost everything has been custom made and designed by me. I have a metal cutting lathe in my workshop in my basement and that is where all of my "tinkering" takes place. I'm an outdoors man, hunting/ fishing/ shooting/ camping/ hiking are my other passions.
    Costumes/Props: i have made some costumes but nothing out of foam until my sons batman costume this year http://www.405th.com/showthread.php?t=48149. looking forward to making some Mark VI soon.
    Favorite cons: never been to one but i hear they are awesome, so i would maybe like to go to the next Chicago con if i can make it.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AndyHelgeland

    I am looking forward to meeting some of you in real life, i hope you guys have regular prop parties or gatherings!

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