Roll Call


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Name: Alex
Age: 20
Location: Charlotte/Raleigh
Occupations: Student
About You: I have been playing Halo since I was in middle school and I have loved it ever since. I'm currently an aerospace engineering student so that takes up most of my time, but on the side, I swim, play video games, and hang out with my friends. I like building stuff and I've always thought building my own Halo armor would be cool, but I just got interested in cosplaying with one of my buddies. We are planning on building our first suits this winter/next spring (probably Reach).
Favorite Conventions: Never been to one, but I'll be looking for some in the near future hopefully!


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Lets take a moment to Introduce ourselves in the forum.

Name(if you have a nickname or call tag)
Where your located
About you.
Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you)

Name: Kevin Robbins
Age: 28
Location: Port Saint lucie, Florida
Occupation: Retail Supervisor
About me: I have been building for about 4 yrs now. A lot of Starts and stops. I like to play Video games for the story and lore more then the multi-player aspect. I have been attending conventions for about 2 yrs now going to them whenever i possibly.
Cons: I usually attend Miami Supercon and Florida Megacon. But am looking forward to branching out in the next year to Animate! and even Dragoncon (next year)
Name: Frank Puzziferro
Age: 23
Location: Ft. Stewart, Georgia/Daytona Beach, Florida (Ft. Stewart is where I’m stationed but Daytona is my home that I go visit about once a month or so)
Occupation: Artillerymen, U.S. Army
About me: I’m currently serving in the Army as a Sergeant and have been deployed overseas to Kuwait/Iraq in 2016-17. Brand new to the cosplay scene but I really want to build my first ODST cosplay and branch out to meet people and create awesome memories! Also a big gamer and car enthusiast and have a tendency to procrastinate certain things but I always mean well!
Cons: Besides Outpost Discovery back in 2019 I haven’t been to any cons really, but I’m looking forward to new experiences!