Roll Call

I introduced myself in the larger forum introduction thread, but I figured I should also put myself in front of the more local group.
Name: Peter
Age: 25
Where your located: Huntsville Al
Occupation: SLS Main Engine Systems Engineer
About you: I'm a long time Halo fan and a recent transplant to the South from New York. I started work on my ODST build back in high school and finally "finished" it last year by finishing the helmet. I work mostly with EVA foam for the armor and I've molded and 3D printed a Halo 4ish sniper and an M6C/SOCOM. I was drawn to the ODST because I like the idea of regular people doing everything they can in the face of extinction.

Favorite Conventions: DragonCon and any local Huntsville Con.

I hope to be at DC this year, but the Artemis 1 launch is scheduled for the same week, so I might be busy launching stuff into space that week instead.
Name: Devan Thome
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Occupation:electrician and Raft Guide but that’s always changing!
About me: I got into prop building back in 2013 and have been off and on since. Help a lot of buddies get started into this and have other cosplays from mandalorian to uncharted and have several unfinished projects. Love getting down to some competitive halo here and there
Favorite conventions: Dragoncon no question! Mega con was also a good time. The rest I’ve been to were all to small to mention
Name: Jack
Age: 26
Location: Murfreesboro, TN
Occupation: Aircraft Mechanic
About Me: I've been a silent member of this forum since around 2015 when I made my first ODST helmet. Then life got in the way and my account got auto deleted because I never posted anything. I've never actually completed any of the projects I've started, but that is the goal this year. I got to go to DragonCon this year and got some great ideas. My goal is to have a costume for next year. I mostly work with pepakura and composites, but I am trying to learn other skills too.
Name(if you have a nickname or call tag)
Cody Payne (Crow- C769)

Age: 36

Where your located: Dublin Georgia

Night shift worker at Home Depot and partner with a local hobby shop

About you:
I draw, use to play Xbox when I had the time, DM at local hobby shop on rotating Sundays.

Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you):
Don't get a chance to go with work, want to go to dragon con, or Atl comic con again.
Name: Greg
Age: 29
Where your located: flurrida
Occupations: game artist; 3d generalist for a cozy AA studio, art directing Installation 01 on the side / ameteur filmmaker
About you: Been here from the *very* start (my old account, excuse the cringe, they were hard times), the Grumbo days, was never awfully active. I hope to actually start building some cool stuff now that I'm getting settled.
Favorite Conventions: I just got here, no idea yet!
Roll Call | Southern Regiment

Name: Calburn [S-024]
Age: Classified [Just check the Bio]
Where your located: Louisa, VA
Occupations: Student, for now...
About you: I've been active since last year, I drink unhealthy amounts of coffee, I'm trying to make time for the hobby which is hard because I'm constantly getting behind on my studies, and I spend way too much time modding Fallout 4.
Favorite Conventions: I have only ever attended one convention, but I'll probably try attending Galaxycon in Richmond once I get my first suit finished. However, I've also heard that Dragoncon is also popular.
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Name: Matt (Matthew B121)

Age: 27

Where your located: Martinsburg, West Virginia

Occupations: 3D Design, Truck driver

About you: I've been making Cosplay stuff for a long time and a lurker here for a while, but oy recently decided to step out of the shadows on this site. Can't wait to get out there and meet some fellow members!

Favorite Conventions: Any I can get to!
Name : Joseph Calltag: CloakedInGray

Age :27

Location: Northwest Florida

Occupation: Electrical / Electronic Engineer, 3D Printing / Prop Making

About you : Grew up playing Halo and got inspiration to start building my first suit after watching a few Spartans at Halo 3's midnight release at a local GameStop. I met my first few ODSTs at Tampa Bay Comic Con back in 2016 and got the word about the 405th Division. I didn't meat anyone officially until the next year at Pensacon over in Pensacola, Florida and met brkiker and his team. Since then, I've been welcomed with open arms but have been shy about being here on the main page. I've been working on 3D printing and making my props/ armor look and feel as if they just came right out of the video game. Can't wait to meet fellow members to hang out and Cons and get to know everyone and help too!

Favorite Conventions: Pensacon,Pensacola, FL , MobiCon, Mobile, AL & Tampa Bay Comic Con, Tampa Bay, FL
Name: Katyusha Stahlia, Katyusha110 - RaveSpartan (Kat)
Age: 28
Where: Fayetteville, NC
Occupations: Journyman System Administrator
About you: I'm big into VR, I'm a DJ and dancer for many VR clubs and I'm also one of the talent managers for the dance group Calibrate. I made my own custom Spartan avatar and I also do Spartan avatar commissions if any of you play VRchat!
Favorite Conventions: Colossal Con, Animazement, and Hero Con. Only one I've been to recently has been Colossal Con in TX, going to the one in OH this year.
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Name: Chris Cutshall (786, Baron Cutty)
Age: 36
Location: NE TN/Tri-Cities
Occupation: Flooring/Tile installer
About: Aging gamer/veteran with back and knee problems decides to wear heavy armor for funsies. Also have a custom Mandalorian, a Specialist level Shadow Trooper in the 501st, and an NCR Ranger.
Favorite Conventions: I’d like to travel to a few more but I usually catch Fanboy Expo and Marble City Comic-Con in Knoxville, and Rob-Con in Bristol.
Name: Timothy Carlson (aka Toastwizzard)
Age: 16
Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Occupation: high school
About: I fly fpv race drones (freestyle) and am in the R/C hobby in general. As of this post, I am still new to cosplay. I ride bikes. A lot. Memes, the DNA of the soul.
Favorite conventions: I haven't been to any yet but I am interested in going to one!
Nice to meet everyone! Should probably introduce myself here as well, huh?

Name: Kira. Sera/Serafina at cons
Age: 25 at present
Location: Arlington, Virginia
Occupation: Starbucks Supervisor.
About: Craftwork has become a hobby rather quickly, and that's expanded into cosplay to where I have a cosplay account now. I spend a lot of time outside of work making parts for cosplay now. Also plan to make other armors beyond MJOLNIR in time, but starting with two sets of MJOLNIR armor first.
Favorite Conventions: I make Katsucon as consistently as I can manage, hopefully making more than just Katsu from this year on.
Name: David / JTF4

Age: 19

Location: Upstate South Carolina

Occupations: EIC, Audio Engineer, Software Engineer, AV Integrator

About: The first time I every played a halo game was when halo 4 first came out and I've been pretty much obsessed ever since. Once I got my first 3d printer I made a MK6 helmet from halo 3. I loved making it some much that I descided to make the whole set of armor. Now, I am starting to build more props from the halo universe and plan to attend pretty much any con that I can fit in my schedule.

Favorite Conventions: Any HCS event (not necessarily a con, but I go to a lot of those), planet comic con, galaxy con in Columbus, dragon con (cant go in 2023, but will be going 2024), and probably many more.
Name - Tommy aka TMadmartigen or TMadPrints3D
Age - 47...not quite the oldest guy here but close.
Where you're located - Julian, NC
Occupation - I work for Procter and Gamble...I help make your armpits smell better.
About you - Well, I'm new to the Halo Realm, watched the tv show etc. Something about Halo calls out to me and I really want to make my first full Armor so why not go for something like Halo! I really like the Infinite Hazop with the rebreathers, like in my avatar...I just don't know where to start. I have 2 3D printers and have done some cool small stuff but now I feel confident in taking the next step, but I am ALWAYS willing to learn more and share what I've learned. I also play bass drum for a bagpipe band, have completed a marathon, a triathlon, a few duathlons and several Spartan Races.
Favorite Conventions - I've been to a small comicon in Greensboro, but I went to GalaxyCon Raleigh and it was AMAZING!!

Thanks for looking,
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Name: Ethan Pennell or Abyss/Abyss Eyes
Age: 23
Location: Lawrenceburg, TN
Occupation: Cat Servant
About me: The first Halo game i played was halo 4 and then i jumped ahead to infinite and instantly loved the war master helmet, i might also make a venerator helm. Anyways i love cats, snakes, and opossums, Ive owned a 3d printer for about a year and a half now and so far ive only printed one helmet, will definitely need to work on the suit but thats for future projects, i also am into HEMA and other sword related arts.
Cons: About to go to my first Comicon which is in Nashville

This is my first post so prob ignore/ delete because i dont meet requirments
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