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  1. flintashheart

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    Name Flint
    Age 20
    Where your located Orlando Florida
    Occupations Fulltime student / Game artist
    About you. using the knowledge I've gained from Fullsail University for 3D modeling and getting a new 3D printer I'm hoping to make a full 3D printed ODST or Spartan armor set.
    Favorite Conventions Tampa bay comic con
  2. zachturner009

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    Name: Zach
    Age: 26
    Location: Valley, Alabama
    Occupation: Work too much.
    About Me: Well I have always had a knack for building models, any model, plastic, wood, metal, just about anything, so was drawn to making armor and props, so here I am now!
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  3. PillarofAutumn

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    Name: Richard Kerfoot
    Age: 26
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Occupation: Building Manager, Millennium Gate Museum
    About Me: Got started in costuming through LARP, then moved into cosplay as well. I usually have WAY too many planned builds for my available time, but I try to pump a few out when I get a chance. I tend to work in cloth or leather (and even then I'm still learning), but I want to start getting into foam. I also do some plastic modeling, but prefab kits only, and LARP (current active is Darkshift, out of Chattanooga, but I've also done some medieval-high-fantasy).
    Favorite Conventions: DragonCon and CONjuration are the only two I've ever attended, but I have designs on eventually going to ConNooga as well, time and expenses permitting. Always love me some DragonCon, though
  4. StarWolfStudios

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    Name: StarWolfStudios (Mekenna)
    Age: 19
    Where you're located: South Georgia, USA
    Occupations: Currently self-employed, I build costumes, props and art dolls. Soon to be full-time student.
    About you: As mentioned before, I have been building costumes and props for almost 5 years now. I am a brand new member! I grew up alongside my twin brother playing Halo (although I never got good at playing it XD). I love cosplay and everything about it.
    Favorite Conventions: I've only been to TigerCon in Valdosta, GA (very new local convention) and just recently WasabiCon in Jax, FL. I have never been to DragonCon, but I hope to make it up there someday. I'll be sure to post on here some where when I have plans to attend cons.
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  5. Tony Cumbus

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    Name: Tony Cumbus
    Age: 20
    Where your located: Ray City, Ga
    Occupations: Unemployed
    About Me: I like to play video games but most likely the reading the lore and Making a Spartan Armor which is the Mark Six.
    Favorite Conventions: TigerCon In Valdosta GA WasabiCon In Jacksonville FL. But I live closer to theses places
  6. zorprime

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    Name Adam
    Age: 38
    Where your located: Argo/Trussville Alabama
    Occupations: User Support Specialist (IT Ninja)
    About you: I started building my first suit back on 2013 (Ironman) and since then I've enjoyed build armor suits. I finished my Halo Anubis armor back in April and have done a few tweeks since then. It's probably my most comfortable suit that I've made and I like it I'll probably upgrade it like I have my Ironman suit over the years and I hope to add more costumes and such as well.
    Favorite Conventions: Kamicon, Magic City Con, Huntsville Comic, I would love to go back to Dragoncon again so that's my savings goal for now.
  7. MajWood

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    So I talked with Cadet and he said I’d be here because of the state I live in

    Name: Sierra 034 Sam (or Samuel)
    Where your located: Florence Ky, just south of Cincinnati OH
    Occupations: Manager at Ace Hardware
    About you: love doing cons, met up with John at Indy Pop con last year and have been doing amateur props for a while and not so amatuer renaissance fairs for a long time.
    Favorite Conventions: I’ve been to at least one convention in most of the states surrounding Ky, I’m planning on dragon con but I’d like to do at least one in every state.
  8. Asgardianhammer

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    Yes you would and we are happy to have you!
  9. MajWood

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    Great to finally be here.

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