Roll Call


Name: Kyle
Age: 17
Location: Birmingham, Al
Occupation: Freelancer (really no job at this point)
About me: I am 17 years old always interested in Halo for a long time. Going to school to become an automotive technician and taken 2 years already. I have always wanted to build props and things but never have the time or patience to do it so I hope to change that soon.
Cons: Momocon Atlanta

Chris Hatter

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Name: Chris Lively

Age: 18

Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina

Occupation: N/A

About me: I am new in the halo armor making and I am on the starting point in the E.O.D helmet, in the beginning stages (just waiting on my supplies). I'm a gentleman and an artist and have been drawing out Spartans and other things so if you would like something sketched just let me know. Also, I am a quick learner so if any of you can give me any tips please do, I am willing to learn anything and everything if you can help me. A HUGE Red vs Blue fan, but also a helpful guy so if you need any help come to me and I will do the best I can to help and I am a gamer. And if you need to contact me just private message me that is the best way to get me.

Thank you for excepting me into the Southern Regiment and I will do anything to be a good member of the team.

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Name: Cole Chance

Age: 19

Location: Slidell, LA

Occupation: N/A (yet)

About me: I have been a huge halo fan for most of my life and ran across this forum about 2 or 3 years ago but I was never able to start costuming or prop making. But I hope that in the near future I will finally be able to start.


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Name: Burt
Age: 26
Where you're located: Lake County, Florida
Occupations: Tech Support
About you: I'm a PC gamer, and play a lot of different games. I am really into any and all hobbies from knitting, to woodworking. I love crafting and making stuff. I've always been interested in Cosplay and have wanted to be Masterchief since Halo first came out. I'm done with school and have plenty of time to devote to projects now!
Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you): I'm pretty new to conventions, but any in Orlando and I can go to!


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Name: Steven Smith

Age: 23

Location: Tallahassee, Florida - Florida State University

Occupations: I'm a Geography/Environmental Studies double major at FSU so I'm a student, prior to enrollment I worked in real estate as an appraisal assistant.

About you: I'm getting married on August 15th this year, so coming up in about a month. I've been planning to build a suit of armor for quite awhile but haven't gotten to started it until now. I'm quite cautious though. My first item built was a combat knife as I wanted to get the ins and outs of pepakura, rondo and bondo and resin and all that prior to making something Ill wear. Funny thing was is that I've been told the knife may be harder than most armor pieces. I've gamed since my youth. Biggest games played in the past have always been Halo and World of Warcraft (now retired). I enjoy everything about the Halo universe, from books to games. Also fun is when I complete my armor my fiancee plans on making a Cortana costume to match.

Favorite Conventions: I follow most conventions through Twitter or other means, but I've never actually attended any myself. Once I complete my armor that will clearly have to change.


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Name: Erik Eggers
Age: 26
Where your located: Greenville, SC
Occupations: I am a web developer
About you: I have been in the South most my life. I am of course into Halo and anything Halo related. I recently got into collectables and decided to dabble into prop/armor/costume making.
Favorite Conventions: Due to past jobs, I have not been able to attend any outside of the internet. With my current job, I should be able to make it to some! Hope to go to Dragon Con this year.


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Name: Michael
Profession: Going to school for creative writing
Age: 22
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Cosplay, Graphic design and writing
Favorite part of Halo: The design, the story, and the competitive gameplay
Favorite Halo: Thats like choosing a favorite kid. Although Halo Wars and Spartan Assault are more like stepchildren if ya catch my drift.....
Favorite Video Game: Halo series, Destiny, Conquers Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini
Other Interests: Sports, anime, tinkering lol too many really
Favorite Food: CHINESE/PIZZA (generic college kid favorites I know)
Favorite Band: Too many to list.
Favorite Movie(s): Any decent sci fi.
Other: !!?
Location: Atlanta
Favored Con: Dragoncon


Name: Devon
Age: 31
Location: Durham, NC
Occupation: Information Technology
About Me: Build my first Spartan armor 5 years ago which started me into armor making, I am also part of the Mandalorian Mercs in Talon Clan. I like playing video games when I have free time also collection old games systems.
Cons: The main ones I go to DragonCon, Star Wars Celebration, Animazment, NC ComicCon

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Hello everyone!!

Name: Jason aka. GREASY

Age: 35

Where your located: Tennessee

Occupations: Crane Operator in the Gulf of Mexico I work in the oil industy

About you: I am new to costume building always wanted to do it just never have till now me and the kids lol!! But I also play xbox, build models, and love racing & music!

Favorite Conventions: Don't know yet til I complete a suit lol!!


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Name: Jett G.
Age: 15 close to 16 (November)
Location: Bradenton, Florida
Occupation: None at the moment (soon for sure)
About Me: I love the halo series so when I found out about people making them I was hyped to try making my own. I'm rather new but I've been preparing and planning everything to make one within the next year or two.
Cons: I haven't attended a Con yet but I do plan to go to the Tampa Bay ComicCon next year and by then I should have a job so I can buy my own materials and have more time to make the armor.


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Name: Raymond Bickford
Age: 19
Location: Midlothian, Virginia
Occupation: Photographer
About me: I really enjoy learning, video games, and making crafts, so cosplay seems like the perfect thing for me. I started an armor piece for my Spartan but without the proper knowledge or community (like the 405th) it turned out awful. I scrapped it but still have it in my closet (far, far away from daylight)
Cons: Ive never been to any con, but my first one should be soon!


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Name: Jonathan Roehm
Age: 20
location: Charleston, SC
Occupations: None as of now
About me: Video gaming nearly all of my life, I'm a bit of a technophile, I like to learn about interesting things, before I joined the 405th I did simple cardboard guns from Halo, I've never completed a build however I have an EOD helmet I hope to finish
Cons: I've never been, but hopefully in the future


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Name - Alana / Godivina
Age: 35
Located in North Carolina
Occupations: Human Resources
About me: I'm originally from Los Angeles, CA and moved out here to NC about 18 mos ago. I'll be marrying another fellow Southern Regiment Spartan aka Gmstrowabarton. I haven't decided yet which suit I'll be building, but it'll likely be an ODST. I'll be also starting some pep on an Operator helmet.
Favorite Conventions; Star Wars Celebration, DragonCon, NC Comic Con - My fave SoCal conventions when I lived out there were: WonderCon, San Diego Comic Con, Long Beach Comic & Horror Con, Anime Expo

BHF Dark Phoenx

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Name: Robert S. (Callsign- Phoenix)
Age: 25
Where your located: Arkansas
Occupations: Finnance/ Retail
About you: I've been into crafts and cosplay for a while but I've not had the ability to do any myself. I'm looking to change that this year. I've got a few props that i commissioned fromothers and painted myself and this year in looking to build an odst suit. If anyone needs help with painting I'm available and willing to help.
Favorite Conventions: the only con I've ever been to is Gen Con in Indianapolis. But I've moved farther away from there so i haven't been able to attend in the past few years.


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Name: George
Age: 35
Location: OTP Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Retail
Conventions: DragonCon, Anime Weekend Atlanta
Completed: Halo 3 Marine (foam)
In Progress: Halo 3 Mjolnir Mk. VI, Halo 3 Sniper Rifle
I'm a long time lurker that has slowly but surely been working on armor.


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Name: Justin D'Acunha, also known as Spartan 1013 or Justin 1013
Age: 21, 22 in one month
Location: Coral Springs, Florida
Occupation: Retail associate at an arts and crafts store
About me: I am a gamer. I have been a Halo fan all the way since Halo 1. I absolutely love the series, and just recently got into making my own armor. I am very excited to be working on my first project. If anyone is near me and wants to work on a project together let me know! I am excited to meet all of you. I am currently a college student and have a dog, love sports and exercise, and also building stuff!
Conventions: I have not been to any yet but I plan on going to my first one as soon as I finish my armor. Not sure which one yet, I guess it depends when I finish my project. If anyone has any suggestions as to which con I should go to, feel free to let me know!


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Hey guys, look forward to meeting you all at future conventions and sharing cosplay tips. Heres a little bit about me:
Name: Nick (Acearmada, Xboxlive: HoBoSLAYER236)
Location: Fort Walton Beach. FL
Occupation: Just a part time job for now. Tore my ACL before I graduated college so I have to wait until next May to join the military.
About: I pretty new to the cosplay community. Ive spent most of my life playing sports like soccer, football, and hockey. But an ACL tear forced me to find a new hobby, thus started my cosplaying passion. Currently working on an ODST suit following DaFrontlineTrooper's tutorials on youtube. I look to showcase it at Anime Weekend Atlanta in late September. Noble 6 and the rest of the ODST squad will be in the works soon!
Favorite Conventions: Megacon, metrocon, AFO, Tampa Bay Comic CON, AWA, Kamicon, Emeraldcon and maybe more...


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Name: Robert "smilinbob" Martin
Age: 30
Location: Abbeville, LA
Occupation: Offshore production operator
About me: I only work half a year (14/14) so I have a lot of free time when I am home with my daughter. She likes that I build her costumes and since we watch Red vs Blue a lot I have started building a full size, wired and hosed master chief suit for bother her and I. But I am currently building her a Rocket from guardians of the Galaxy suit.
Other than that a lot of fishing and camping.
Cons: non around me so I haven't gone to any yet.


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Name: Tina
Age: 29
Where you're located: Boca Raton, FL
Occupation: Therapist in Pediatric Rehab
About me: I love video games and going to conventions. I've been playing Halo since the first one and have every Halo game and a few of the books....STILL have the Original Xbox Halo Special Ed console...and have always wanted to build for a Halo cosplay although most of my friends would rather see me cosplay Cortana....I have been cosplaying for 3 years - various versions of Jubilee from Xmen (cartoon, comic, vampire Jubilee from the comic, steampunk...), Wonder Woman (built armor with EVA), Silk Spectre II of Watchmen, and others. I play on Xbox One and 360 and often play on my friends accounts instead of mine but my gamer tag is xTINAx
Favorite Cons: MegaCon, Animate!Miami, Florida SuperCon, and UltraCon