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  1. IMthewalker

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    Name: IMthewalker!!! (He's really Davis Walker) HADES!!! You stupid AI Shut Up!!
    Age: Classified (He's 18) GAAAH
    Location: Classified! (He's...) DO NOT tell them I'm in Bridgeport, AL! (...not lying this time) *sigh*
    Occupation: Full-time Spartan. (Huh. you don't have a complete suit, you broke UAH student.) I quit trying...
    About me: What about me? Seems Hades got it. (Yea. He's a couch potato, actor/propmaker wannabe, mechanical fail-at-life-gineer, and general super nerd.) ... unfortunately... that about sums it up...
    Favorite Cons: Oh great gatherings of the virtual-minded which I have always aspired to be a part of... (You're doing a soliloquy again.) Dang it! Thanks, Hades. (He's trying to say he's never been to one.)

    On a more serious note, I'm going to try to post using this Red vs. Blue concept of AI/Spartan relationship to add a twist to things, keep it interesting, keep me engaged, and keep me"in character" while covering everything I need to cover. Please let me know if I go to over-the-top and turn into an insane, raving madman. Thanks for having me aboard, I'll try to fix up my next suit (I've decommissioned my first) and try to do stuffz with you all! I'll be looking for employment in a prop making group in the future, but until then, I'll be building my own suits and developing my skills! Craft the world!
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  2. Promethean3994

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    Name: Dustin Siler
    Age: decade and a half!
    Location: Harriman, TN
    Occupation: Student at OSHS
    About me: I have had a passion for gaming since I was six, and my favorite game is Halo (of course) and when I learned that people made their own suits, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I've been making armor and props for a while now (I'm no where's near expert though lol), and I'm always eager to learn more!
    Favorite cons: I've never been able to go to one unfortunately, but I really want to go to Dragoncon.
    If I left anything out, please let me know. I look forward to meeting you all!
  3. Peagis01

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    Name Pete Johnson Call Sign Peagis
    Age 34
    Where your located Farmville, NC
    Occupations Clerk for the USPS
    About you. I've just been getting into the different costuming groups. I have a mostly complete ODST setup.
    Favorite Conventions Never been to one dressed up but looking forward to attending Dragoncon hopefully next year.
  4. nerdman234

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    Name: Ryan S (Nerdman234)
    Age: 21
    Where your located: Atlanta, GA
    Occupations: Auto Detailer
    About you: I'm still pretty new to armor, but I have a good background working with foam in previous costumes. I'm currently working on a Destiny Hunter, which I'm using as a stepping stone in to my ultimate goal, Jun from Reach.
    Favorite Conventions:
    - MomoCon
    - Dragon Con
    - Anime Weekend Atlanta

    Costumes/ Builds:
    - Steampunk Vanguard (Original Character)
    - Destiny Hunter (WIP)
    - Mistborn (Mistborn Trilogy - WIP)

    Nice to meet all of you!
  5. 1337

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    Name: SPARTAN1E37 or 1337
    Age: 19
    Location: Central Alabama. I shuffle between a couple cities.
    Occupation: Student- UA, pending Facilities Engineer- AL National Guard
    About: Started building a couple years ago, never finished the suit. Looking to get back into it, but due to cramped dorm, probably won't start actually building until January.

    Favorite Cons: Never been to one. Don't really plan to, just building for fun, maybe Halloween costume.
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  6. Kor

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    Name: Kor (short for Korbin) or FlatlinedGamer
    Age: 25
    Where your located: Montgomery, Alabama
    Occupations: Don't laugh, I breed and sell rare breeds of chicken and homestead.
    About you: I ran across 405th 2 years ago when a friend shared a Pepakura Heroes post on FB. It sent me searching and I wound up here. I lurked for a few weeks and joined. I haven't been able to start building yet, but I hope I can start soon. ODST if first on my list.
    Favorite Conventions: None as of yet. Something always comes up. D*Con and Kamicon are on my list when I get the chance.
  7. Carolina

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    Name(if you have a nickname or call tag) My name is Melissa Paul
    Age I'm 43
    Where your located Birmingham AL
    Occupations House wife and mother
    About you. My son got me into R v B first then in Halo by watching him play and then into the armor. I look forward to making my own and attending a con wearing it.
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you) Momocon or Dragoncon.
  8. Austin3991

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    Name: Austin Buckhalter
    Age: 22
    Where your located: Fort Walton Beach, FL
    Occupations: Military
    About you: I love going to Con's and all other things fun. Like making more armor
    Favorite Conventions: Any that I don't have to pay full price for a hotel room if at all.
  9. MysticMakings

    MysticMakings New Member

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    Name: Mike A.
    Age: 30
    Where your located: High Springs, FL
    Occupations: welder/fabricator for museum exhibits
    About you: I just like odd projects and making armor out of metal is a fun challenge
    Favorite Conventions: I only have been to the sci-con was the only con I have been to, I want to try out the dragon con
  10. benjamin1228

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    ROLL CALLL!!!!
    Name Benjamin ( bo-diesel)
    Age 28
    Where your located- Ft.benning Ga
    Occupations - military
    About you. I love to game on when I get the opportunity ttoo, I have a crafter's mentally and always looking for ways to improve, repurposed, or build projects. My garage is filled with projects , they is no room in here hahahahhahahah.
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you) any Atlanta con, or pan handle con in Florida Georgia and then Birmingham Al I'm look cated right in the middle , can wait to meet up
  11. WraithBurst

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    Name(if you have a nickname or call tag)- Trace (Wraith)
    Where your located- Forest,VA
    Occupations-well i'm 15 so...
    About you.-I am an Otaku who is also really into halo lore
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you)- I haven't been to a Con yet, but i plan on going to on when i'm 17 and/or 18
  12. Shadowslayer199

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    Name: Anthony Padilla (thats my actual name for you smosh watchers .-.)
    Age: 17
    Location: Suffolk Va
    Occupation: High schooler? xD
    About me: I started playing Halo when i was in elementary and Halo 2 was my very first fps, and i went on and played Halo 3 and i fell in love with the franchise. I got Halo 3 odst and Halo reach then found out there were books which i purchased all of in quick succession xD. Then i saw people made their own armor out of foam and paper and i wanted to give it a try so here i am working on my pepakura halo armor which will be done when it stops being a pain due to scaling xD so yeah i look forward to seeing you guys on the forums :D
  13. Shadowslayer199

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    how do you delete comments?
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  14. ONYX22010

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    Name: James Taylor (ONYX22010)
    Located: Melbourne
    Occupations: Full time student - aerospace engineering
    About you: Nothing really to say i like building things and have loved everything halo since the original xbox and Combat Evolved days. Ive made a paper assault rifle from Reach and Ive made the UNSC eagle logo out of steel/sheet metal but no armor yet.
    Favorite Conventions: have not been to any
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  15. tomboy

    tomboy Active Member

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    Name: Tomboy
    Age: 26
    Where your located: Riverview, FL
    Occupations: Authorized Inspector
    About you: Been a geek and been into anime, video games, cosplay and RvB since high school, but didn't really have the money to fully pursue those passions until I joined the Navy and had money. RvB got me into Halo, and then I found out you could actually build this stuff! Became a civilian a couple years ago, and last year I got myself run over by a snow plow. I broke just about everything important in my torso, and I've got the battle scars to prove it. More in my blog if you're interested.
    Favorite Conventions: Used to be Sac-anime, then Nekocon. Still love RTX, and eventually want to make it to Dragon Con. I'm new to Florida so I have to learn what conventions are in the area.
  16. TutlarAce06

    TutlarAce06 Member

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    Name: Marc
    Age: 30
    Where your located: Murfreesboro TN
    Occupations: Web Application Developer, SharePoint Admin, and everything else that goes with this job (I do too much)
    About you: I am prier service US Army soldier turned web applications programmer. I am nuts about cars and ecstatic about Halo although I suck at it lol.
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you): Have not been, but I am looking forward to meeting everyone.
  17. Godwolfen

    Godwolfen Member

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    Name: Wolf Godwin

    Age: 26

    Location: Richmond, VA

    Occupations: Whiteboard video editor, motion graphics animator, stand-in data manager

    About you: I grew up enamored with Bionicle, where I developed an interest in masks and armor, so the Halo games intrigued me for that reason. Several months ago on YouTube I saw a Devin Supertramp video of a bunch of people cosplaying in their custom Halo armor and it hit me: if these people can make this, so can I. Immediately after, I found 405th and joined. This is my first serious experience with prop-making and I really enjoy it.

    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you): Never been to a con before, but I'm aiming to get my build finished in time for DragonCon 2017.
  18. Vrogy

    Vrogy Well-Known Member

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    Name: Michael Vroegop AKA Vrogy Age: 30
    Location: Tallahassee, FL
    Occupation: Machinist, 3D design and fabrication
    About: Did some Halo 3 marine kits a while back, worked on some early AR kits too. Trying to put together a 'casual spartan' Halo 4/5 undersuit and maybe a flood spartan eventually. I have access to a lot of 3D printers, run a small business doing prop printing and fabrication.
    Cons: Dragoncon. Megacon, maybe Momocon.
  19. Church

    Church BCO

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    Name: Kyle Paul
    Age: 19
    Location: Birmingham, AL
    Occupation: Collision Repair Technician
    About: I have been cosplaying for a few years now and I am currently working on my spartan armor. I like to design and sometimes construct various things so I plan to study Mechanical Engineering in college. I like cars, I have worked with electronics, and I can sew.
    Cons: Dragoncon, Momocon, and Kami con.
  20. agentflorida

    agentflorida Jr Member

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    Name: Justin Moore
    Age: 17
    Location: Richmond Hill, GA
    Occupation: Student
    About me: I am actually pretty committed to my builds, but just lack the resources, or the knowledge of assembling armors. I am constantly stuck in the same routine and area so I have to get supplies from online, or just can't do any more than I can at the moment. I never actually been to any events or cons and I already researched the map and seen that I am the only member that has been seen within around half a year to the date I started in the 405th, in the Savannah area. I am actually able to access the 405th from pretty much any computer in the school. But cannot do anything regarding files from the Armory. I use a portable lenovo flex 3 windows 10 laptop that was bought from best buy which they decreased the Ram to 2GBs and the total storage of 28.8 GBs, with over 70% of the storage used up for programs that are used to run the computer and cannot be deleted, but I still get by with the files from the Armory on it. I am actually able to play a lot of Halo 5 or Destiny all week, but however, every other week due to my constant swap of locations between just 2 points.
    Conventions: I haven't researched all the conventions in my areas seeing that they are really rare to happen and to meet up with other 405th members, I would have to travel a lot just to get to that one place, as well as food, and hotel expenses, in which case it would not be really in my favor. There are some conventions in the Savannah and Statesboro area and possibly Hinesville which would fall in my favor. I would like to finish my armor first though.

    I'm currently building a gaming computer with my mother at home. Right now I'm just looking for the parts and stuff I need and that is required.
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  21. Asgardianhammer

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    Attention ALL Southern regiment Members! Please update your profile information. The Forum now has a new map feature that more accurately places you. However without updated information you are placed incorrectly or not recognized with a Southern Flag on your pin!
  22. Bullseye

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    Name: Ryan stotsky
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Aviation Electrician (Navy)
    Location: Virginia beach, VA
    About: Built my First set of armor back in 2010 when I was a senior is high school (avatar pic) Currently in the process on my Master Chief halo 4 build (hope to be done with bondo and paint by this weekend). Other than that I build computers and big in to PC gaming (Player unknowns battle grounds baby).
    Cons: NekoCon (Norfolk, VA) RIR Comic con (Richmond, VA)
  23. Asgardianhammer

    Asgardianhammer Identity Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

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    Bullseye, please update this information in your account profile, and glad to have you in the Southern Regiment! Welcome!
  24. Bullseye

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    Everything should already be updated. Even found my dot on the map.
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  25. HeroMinerR5

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    Name: Braden C. Box
    Age: 16
    Occupation: I am a 11th-grade student in High School
    Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas
    About: I am coming to a close on my first build and after starting a foam build during the holiday. Otherwise I am a normal human and like to hang out with halo cosplay and have fun.
    Favorite Cons: I have not been to one yet. Hope I get to go to my first one in 2018.
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