Rubies Armor - Finally coming available.


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What exactly do you mean Adam? Expand as in having multiple members with the armor? I must say the armor looks very top notch, but I really dont like the helmet, the jaw is too big.

Sean Bradley

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Now that these are available, theres gonna be alot more spartans running around!

Still that helmet is awful. If anyone buys this stuff, PLEASE replace that helmet with one that is correctly proportioned.


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Yeah, sure there will be a lot of people that will buy this armor...but its just that...they bought it. Us who made our own armor will become rarer now that this is available.


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the guantlets and gloves do like pretty nice however. there was some thread out somewhere, i think it was $34? if it really does include guantlets with the gloves, then it might be a cheaper alternative in the long run, as opposed to the cost of materials and gloves.

Klowd 13

hmm $700.00 Mark VI armor that might fit me
or $50.00 Mark VI CBQ variant that i know will fit me and will be a unique set

yup ill go for lots of work and $50 for a Unique set for myself


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Its Rubies...Its going to be terrible. Does anyone know what its made of? A lot of rubies stuff is stuff is made of a flexible vinyl, it might look half reasonable in a picture, but the finished parts will be warped to buggery, like every star wars helmet they've ever made. Stay away from rubies, its the only way this company will die.


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Scarry stuff. I would like to see the undersuit in better detail however.

I will cringe seeing these at a con, a good MC is miles above this.