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Ok. starting off with the introduction. Im Keanu, 19 years old and I work as a mechanic as a living. Basically i've come to a standstill in my two suits of armour. Long story short I broke a bone in my hand and now I'm in a cast for a few weeks. So far I've made the equivelent of a complete suit, which i never finished because i had to leave it behind when i moved.

Now I am in the progress of two suits, a Hi Def Mk Vi and a Noble 6 build. Pictures will be coming shortly as the girlfriend can make a photobucket account for me. But about the suits. The Mk Vi is to build my skills up then the Noble 6 is for a side project I have coming shortly.

Once again sorry for the lack of photos atm but cut me some slack ive got a broken hand and im still working 9 or 10 hr days 5 days a week.


so if i posteed them properly they should be my helmet. however its been rondo'd on the inside. the outside has a layer of bondo applied in some spots, but i need the right sanding stuff, as all but my dremel was lost in the move. started pepping my second suits helmet, which is a recon helmet. probably wont do much work until im out of the cast which should be november 4th
Looks pretty good to me. As for the pictures showing up on the thread, make sure your using the "IMG Code" shown on the right hand side and not the actual URL.
ok so some good news. I'm out of the cast and will be back up and running full steam ahead tomorrow. the game plan for the weekend is get my recon helmet pepped n start glassing it up. and maybe the chest for MK Vi


ok i know its been a little over a week since I've posted however, I had to make two recon helmets. The first was to small so i made the second one larger. hopefully this time i posted the pics right so take a look and let me see what you think

and i have started to glass the inside, with about a third with cloth and the rest just resin
So ive been busy with work. But in the last week or two. I ve basically been fiberglassing my recon helmet and sanding my mkvi. Slowly cuttin a mkvi chest up to
Ok. It's been a while since i last updated, but i've only had my phone for internet. Sooo. basically ive got my three helmets all at different stages and a chest piece 80% completed. No photos of the chest, waiting till i start glassing it but heres the helmets. Hopefully ill be able to update more frequently.

aye guys me again. Not much of an update. More of a question. I'm at a bit of a stand still on my helmets, and its just about to enter winter here. anyway, i thought id quickly do up a gauntlet from mk v and mk vi suits. However they look a little bit to big. Any advice would be appreciated? I just need a second opinion to help me decide.





please note, the gloves used in the photo, are to be used for my reach build and not my mk vi. Im planning on getting different gloves for the Mk Vi. Cheers
great project! cant wait to see more, both your hand plates look good size wise, i measure my hands width and scale the plates to that, hope that helps!
Sweet i was hoping to get away with them. Ill try n finish my mk vi gloves off asap n do more work on my helmets to. When im game ill go back to my chea piece then. Cheers for the help guys
ok, bit of an update. so after going through cereals thread i had to borrow a few ideas. i loved how he was doing some details. so when i picked up some supplies today i thought id give it a go. so far so good, considering its already quite cold here. Still got plenty more time to work on it and learn before i transfer it to my main helmet





fortunately, thats just my test helmet. thought id prime my main helmet and see how it looks, have sanded and bogged it, just need to wait for the bog to dry. so ill get to it monday as im busy till then. Any thoughts and advice is welcome.


this method isn't particularly my field, I work with foam but however from what I know i'd say its looking pretty decent. Obviously just make sure theres a thick enough layer of the bondo or whatever your using on it so you have a good depth to sand away and dremel your detail into and you should fine, with regards to temperature; Have you got some storage heaters you can use in the space your working or have you got a room with heating that is maybe a spare room and ventilated you could use?
Nah man. Unfortunately not. Atm the house Is crowded so even if i could i couldnt heat a room for storage. With the bondo ive put two layers on so far but ill probably go as far as three or four so i have the thickness to detail it properly. Fortunately ive got an air engraver at work so if i dont wanna use my dremel or hand files i can go in and do it there. I may yet do that. My main helmet ill hopefully have sanded and most of the top brim ready. Cheers for the feed back DBmike i am quite keen on trying out foam next
Ok guys, update time. first off, let me appologise for this double post. unfortunately there is a fifteen picture limit to each post. ok so basically this update will show a bit of a before and after. I'm currently planning that the right side of the helmet will be mirror smooth with minor dents or damage. The left however will be horribly damaged, as if the spartan turned from an explosion. so without further ado here are the photos.










The next two are of the left side. One where im planning on doing a little bit more building and the second just a sample of the battle damage



the next three are of my soon to be heavily damaged/ destroyed helmet


full credit goes to cereal for the method i tried on the back, it may be rough but it is on my dead helmet


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