Scaling the correct helmet size


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Hi Guys

I want to do an ODST cosplay, this will be my first try at it so I hope not to make too many mistakes.

What I want to ask is I'm using Pepakura Designer to make the helmet from foam. super simple question, what is the best way to measure the size of my head.

Don't want to spend so much time working on it and find out its just a bit too small. haha

There’s two measurements you’ll need, Width and circumference. Don’t laugh at this but you’ll need to press your head against a door stop and close the door to where it presses against your head, measure that distance for width. Circumference can be done by using a tailors tape measure, or use a piece of string and measure that out
Ive personally never used width, but to correctly measure the circumference of your head, use a tailor's tape measure and measure in a line around your head at the temple. make sure it is moderately tight to ensure maximum accuracy, but not too tight, as you don't want to undersize things. (heads are very precise, and therefore finicky and difficult to get right.) Hope this helped, and best of luck to you.
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