School Pointless?


alot, if not all, kids absolutely hate schools and going to them. "It's a waste of my life" they say, but is it really? for some maybe, but for most no it isnt.

In my own opinion, school is sort of good, sort of bad. yea, you learn things and it builds your future, but why do we have to go through things we've done already twice before, and during the best years of our lives? like in math class we are learning about pi for the 3rd time, no joke (c'mon, i would like to have fun in the sun instead of re-learning this junk). and then there are things they teach us that we don't need to know to get along out in the real world, and alot of those classes (speech, foreign language, and computers class) are required to graduate. Not all of us are going to do speaking in our jobs, and why do i need to know a foreign language to work on 3d design anyway? its bs in my eyes.

anyway, i think we should redo the way schools are set up, make it so you take classes you know you'll need to know in order to do what you do instead of just learning everything and then forgetting it all after graduation. but theres still a problem with that, with the way most kids are today, they'll think it a joke and choose random classes that seem the easiest, which they're doing now anyway so mot much will change.

any1 else think schools are getting crappy and unorganized?
just me?


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I find you amusing.

There is a lot of waste in our public education these days but speech, secondary languages, simple math, and computer courses would not be included in this category. I've seen so many people have a hard time at their very important and specific jobs because of lack of basic computer and math skills. Speech not to mention Grammar and Spelling is even worse among these so called professionals.

Other than that public schools have always been relatively unorganized. This is nothing new.


I wouldn't consider it a waste of time I would consider learning something more then once a refresher course. Some people have a great ability to remember data easily others however do not have this capability. So don't think about it as a waste of time think of it as a refresher course and if it is easy just get your easy A if it isn't easy and you are getting a bad grade then you may have just needed that refresher course.

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I'm 14, If school was useless I would not be going every day for the last few years of my life.
Its useful to everybody. People think they are not learning anything, when they are.
Kids need to realise school is required and useful. to ANYBODY.


i think its a toss up on one hand our nations education system has gone down hill ever since it was turned into a government program..on they other hand there are some good teachers out there...i think its how you look at the situation your in..if you dont look at it like your gonna learn any thing ..then you probly arent .i think at my high school any ways , it was too much of a social club instead of a learning institution ...and that seems discouraging....but i ended up transferring to a continuation school....which i think was better than a regular high school..only cuz it allowed me to work as fast as i wanted...(i actually got all my credits 6 months early)... is what you make it if your in a school your not happy with..roll with it...a few years in school doesnt seem like any thing when you get out


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well, duh. if every kid who didnt want to go to school didnt have to, would we have Bill Gates? how about Ol' Abe Lincoln? life sucks, deal with it. isnt this the same thread as the "teachers suck" thread u posted like 4 days ago?


mooseguy04 said:
well, duh. if every kid who didnt want to go to school didnt have to, would we have Bill Gates? how about Ol' Abe Lincoln? life sucks, deal with it. isnt this the same thread as the "teachers suck" thread u posted like 4 days ago?
this is about schools in general, and how i think its a waste of time, unless they organize it anyway

the teachers thread is about some of the dumb teachers in the world, specifically my school
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School's not bad, I mean it builds foundations for your future, right? But some stuff, I agree is completely pointless! I reckon I've done Pi about four times now, sometimes I get the urge to give the teacher a Pie in his face, see how he adds that up (sorry for the awful joke)

Anyone else sick of algebra? Its useful...but when you do it twice or more every term it makes you sick >.<


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School is ABSOLUTELY not a waste of time.
If you wouldnt go to schooll your mind woulndt evolve enough.
it is proven that with a basic school education people get to understand things more.
The world would be a terrible place if whe shouldnt have school. Be glad our culture has it.
I bet you wouldnt like to live in a poor country where kids work for thier money and stuff.
You haveto be glad you live very well.


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See, it's people that think like that that are the ones that you always hear say 'I'm never going to need algebra in the REAL world.'

Does school generally suck, yes. Yes it does.
Is it a waste of time? On a whole, no, no it's not. While i certainly beleive it can be better organized and most certainly streamlined, learning and education, as long as something is to be learned from it, is never a waste of time.


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darkm2021 said:
but why do we have to go through things we've done already twice before, and during the best years of our lives?
I certainly hope that wasn't my best years...I hated those times! I enjoyed college 10 times more, and now the working world is pretty nice too.

School isn't perfect but it keeps your skills sharp. Some of the repetition may seem pointless, but sometimes they are doing it to help the kids who didn't learn it properly the first time, or to reinforce it for standardized testing (your SAT/ACTs).

Also, the school experience is largely social and to see whether you can stick with something for 4 years.

It's not known for being enjoyable. Sorry ;)
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ok so lately I have been going to just the last to period of my high school because my classes at the college are done till Jan 5, so today I go to school for lunch and as soon as I get their they cancel school so WTF!!!


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'It's common practice for Mathematical topics to be exercised 20 times before someone understands or at the very least can use those topics covered.' Not word for word, but a few professors that I took Math courses from have said this on more than one occasion. It's was also told to every Math tutor that worked for the college I attended.

While going over something once may work for some, it will not work for everyone. Each person learns in a different way, and when you have 10-30 students or more sometimes you just have to learn to teach yourself.

This is what I determined for myself was the ultimate lesson at college. Learn to teach yourself what others can't.

I can think of no other greater example than what this site's initial purpose. You have to teach yourself a lot of the things here as no one is necessarily going to show you in person step for step what you have to do.


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Public K-12 school is pretty much pointless because they only reinforce standardized testing and you don't really learn much of anything outside of that. If you really hate it you can get your GED, but good luck getting into a college from there! The think is that you have to take 12 years of school. Its the law! But you really won't learn much of anything until you get into college. College is the only thing that is not useless. If you hear anyone around you high school tell you that high school is supposed to be the best 4 years of your life, THEY ARE WRONG (and they never went to college)! High school blows! College will be the best 4-5 years of your life, but you have to put up with high school to get there. Time is relative so right now it may feel like you are stuck there forever but once you graduate it will speed up a helluva lot! I'm half way through my junior year of college and it feels like my freshman year was last year! We start measuring time in hours after about half way through the semester cuz it gets too intense to do it otherwise (i.e.: dudes, I can't party tonight cuz I have only 96 hours to finish this metals project!!!).

Hang in there! It's only existential until you graduate!


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It's not all what the teachers try and teach you. It's more you learn how to interact, be social, and learn regular life lessons. You learn how to accomplish tasks, or how to slack off by not doing. You learn to organize yourself, or not. School on any level is extremely important. Whether or not you know how to get the square root of a number, not so much... but it's the method of learning, that is where you learn.


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Well, I can say for myself, the academic side of school for me is a waste of time. I mostly sit there bored all class and think about nothing, then they give is a test on whatever the teacher was talking about, and all the other students get 86%'s and the like, and I've never gotten a grade lower than a 91%.

But the social and life lessons that I learn from this school are the best you're going to get.


the only reason we have to go over and over stuff constantly is because most of the students sleep, draw, etc. and not all students know what they want to do with there life after high school. that's why we have to take so many subjects


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*Little Ms. Negativity drops by...*

Oh man, school. I can proudly and honestly say that dropping out of MY highschool was one of the best decisions of my life. But dont get me wrong, I love learning and being educated, I just couldnt stand the "school life". I dropped out in 2005 (I think...) and since then got my GED (Good Enough Degree) and am now goin to a Community College, and have plans on taking up a career in Dental Medicine. Did highschool/middle school contribute to my future success? Not a damn bit.

...but maybe thats just me...
What do you all know about the human memory and how it works?

I won't bore you with science, but you think that relearning something is useless, when in fact it is vital. The human brain rapidly loses memories that were laid down within seconds after forming them. This is especially true with material you do not like. The more and better you react to something, the better the memory laid down will be. Memory cannot improve, but remembering can. A simple proof is the fact that the average person forgets page one of a newspaper or book by the time they get to page 5. You literally forget as you read. In addition, once a memory forms, it is not permanent. Your name can be forgotten, as can your date of birth if you stop using them for an extended period.

Bottom line: Once you learn something, LEARN IT AND KEEP LEARNING IT! You must periodically refresh the neural pathways or the memory will eventually disappear. In addition, you must keep memorizing as often as possible (Studying) to prevent misremembering. Often times in court, witnesses swear to the truth and then swear that what they say is true. Then they get called liars when it's proven otherwise even though they honestly thought what they were saying was the truth. The human brain touches up memories, especially faded or unclear ones, to fit your own biases, notions, hopes, dreams, and outlook on life, or even so that it seems logical to you. The best way to remember anything is to over memorize. Write down the thing that needs remembering and look over it often to prevent memory corruption. Something may stay fresh on your mind right after you learn it, but will quickly seep away into nothing unless you grab it by the tail and continue to refresh it using written down material (as recalled information is something you already know and have "jelled", so you need to recall other parts of the memory-thus the writing down). Every time a memory is accessed, the neural pathways are re-jelled. This is why you think that you never have to study for certain things that you learn and then use often. You are studying in a way every single time you access a memory.


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I think that the only useful things in school are Math, Grammar, basic history, and basic science. Other than that, it's optional and/or not necessary. Like advanced chemistry and second languages: You don't need that to succeed in life, unless you want to be a scientist or a translator. (pretty ironic how I say this because I'm bilingual and I'm taking AP chemistry.) School has a different use for everybody. Some people need to stay awake and take lots of notes to succeed. Those people use school as a place to learn. Others just need to sleep then study a bit at home. They use school as an 8 hour waste of time.