Sculpting question


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Hey fellas,
My name is Josh, been floundering around at making some armor until i stumbled on this site yesterday. I made a pep helmet (screwed it up and folded the wrong way on all of them so it was kinda hard doing it with the numbers on the inside :| ).
I have never sculpted before or made a mold for anthing, and even though from what I've read its a pain, that looks like the route for me.
One thing i am lacking is something to build the helmet on, still dont know exactly what is needed there, and if you need one for every helmet you build (whether you have to leave it in it or not...)
How do you get the basic shape? Is that a free hand? No template or anything to start with, just the clay? (Or use the pep helmet as a starting point?)

Sorry to be asking stupid questions like this but when you dont know you dont know.. :(



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Sculpt it free hand, get yourself a dummy head from a junk store or a fashion beauty store for woman, those wig heads, rip clay off in chunks and free handed make the shape of the helmet, then get some tools and start carving away and making the shape.