Sean Anwalt's Mk V build


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I do not.

I'll figure things out, it's not a big deal.

What IS a big deal is the sole of your boots. I'd like to know more about what mats you used so I can do the same.
OK well that's a good thing, that means you have nice fresh foam on the inside ready to accept shoe goo if you decide. Also once you fix your seams on the exterior, if you have any wrinkles on the foam exterior, you can easily get those out with light heat from your heat gun without hurting your paint. Just be careful and keep your distance. It works well, just of course heat opens up cracks so make sure your seams are fixed first. Once satisfied with that, then you could coat the inside with shoe goo, once that cured, it will be much more rigid. Hopefully you have enough room inside the forearm piece to fit your arm, once you coat the inside with shoe goo, you lose a little bit of the space, plus it becomes really grippy, so just keep that in mind for sliding the piece on and off during suit up.
As for my boot soles. They are half inch thick rubber horse stall mats that I picked up at a Tractor Supply Company (TSC). They are very tough, not easy to cut but a large utility knife worked well just taking my time and making lots of passes, carefully. Use a piece of wood to cut against so the blade has a cut surface especially once you make it through. It's hefty material, my boots are hefty, not to heavy but definitely not light. I like how they feel to wear. No worst than work boot, which I wear all day usually. I took these guys out on a nice little test jog and they worked well, I sort of sound like a horse though. Hahaha

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So question.

I'm not sort happy with the finish on my suit; the paint is already fading, the vinyl is peeling off, and the several layers of over-coat are not doing anything to protect.

Before I do anything I wanted some input. Is it going to be ok if I take a heat gun to reduce wrinkles, remove all the vinyl, re seal with leak seal, repaint, then redo the vinyl? Or am I going to run into problems?


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If you hit this w/ a heat are going to throw everything out of wack. The foam will melt and the paint will adhere even more I think. I can't see how paint would chip/peel off.....?