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Sean Bradley

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Hey all, does anyone out there have any close up shots of the Energy Sword handle??? I'm in the process of redesigning the handle of my light-up energy sword prop right now as we speak. If you haven't seen it buried in the old forums, heres the pics:

Unfortunately I don't have a capture card to get nice close up shots in-game of the details on the handle. I left my sculpt of it very generalized, so I could re-define it at a later date. I can't work very effectively from my TV screen, so some print quality screenshots would be really helpful! All the pics I have are of the entire sword.. all of which don't really allow me to zoom in for a better view.

If someone out there with the equipment to do so could get me some sweet close ups of just the handle from different angles, I'd be forever in your debt... and would gladly swing you a deal on the new model when it's finished. ;-)

I'm needing views from least 3-4 angles; top, side, front, back, 3/4, ect. I want to get shots of the fine details; the texture and proportions of the handle the whole way around as accurate as possible, so I never have to re-design it again... unless Bungie totally changes it for H3. :duh:

Please post links or images in this thread, and I'll put up some pics of the handle sculpt as it gets finished and leak some info on how it's done for everybody.

BTW; I'm redocumenting my entire process so I'll have plenty of resources to write up a nice tutorial for everybody here in due time.


its sword... but anyways ill try to see what i can get for you, i would ask doom becuase he can render it from the game. Well im pretty sure he can.
Click here for a lego version of the handle only, i thought it was pretty good anyways here you go

now heres some pics i found, il get some more later heres one.

Nah, sorry. I need 'in-game' pics of the zoomed in features of the sword, or modded images. I already have a very competent base for the handle made...I just want to make it precise.

Mancubus....Sorry I have that one already. I'm looking for close up pics of the handle only.

Thanks M.C. Hvae any detial piks of the hadnle?

I was hoping that Doom or one of the members with a capture card could come to the rescue.
wellllllllllllllllllllllll i knew that was gonna happen well did all i can do XD, yeah i want doom to get a render of the fuel rod gun, theres only like 1 picture of it ever.
Oh, nice, I need some pics of the sword. Sorry, we're going to keep this on topic. Thanks for the attempt Mancubus. :mrgreen:

I'm making it right at this exact moment instead of typing, I could be in my studio 20 ft away finishing the detailing on the best light up plasma sword that has ever been made and offering it to all of you in the armor community, but... I need good pics, and I can't go to circuit city and buy a capture card at the moment....

Please, post only image links or useful info .... I'm really just looking for a solution, not a discussion.
Still waiting for pics I can see. Does anybody know what program I need to open a RAR file????

I'm clueless. I usually deal in Jpegs and Gifs.
Thanks Link, I was able to open those files with that download.

Mancubus's images were a reasonable improvement over what I had, but I still feel like theres probably better images out there, A great deal of his images were of the entire sword...with a few detail shots in between, but all of them were of someone holding it...which obscures alot of the detail. It seemed like there was some wierd filter on them though, like they were in a distorted perspective...maybe thats just Halo view though...

If you go to a level like Ivory Tower where the Energy Sword is just hovering in the air in the spawning location, you can get shots of it from lots of angles without picking it up which is a plus...because then the back of it isn't obscured by a hand holding it. Or if it is on the ground, you can at least get straight on shots..

Still looking for some better pics... I have my detail sculpting tools at the ready!
I think I'll PM Doom. I just talked to Mustang. Like I said, his images were an improvement over what I had, but weren't really what I was looking for.

The pics should be of JUST THE HANDLE...not someone holding it... straight on, and top, bottom, and side and 3/4 pics. Imagine that these are references for making a sculpt of the handle....they have to be close up, and at stright angles so you can see the actual layout of the detailing.

If it's in someones hand you loose some important profiles on the inside of the handle.

I appreciate everybody's help.
Thats more like it!

I can photoshop those images to exactly my specifications. Mustang 68 is now the proud owner of a big chocolate chip cookie, and a big $$$ discount on the next sword I make!

*rounds of applause!*

Thanks Matt. I'll share the pics of the new sculpt with you all over the next few days. Critics start your engines! :christa:

Please dont say matt i get confused its my name too XD

well anyways Viva La Matt heh, or mustang whatever :happy1: :drunk: :kiss2:
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