September EGM Covers - WOW!

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Sean Bradley

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Looks like EGM popped the cork on the covers of next months issue...

I wonder what the article is about??? :unsure: :mrgreen:




Have we posted these covers yet?
wait the part of the cover that tells what they are talking aobut it says somehitng about map editor i wonder what they mean by it
Spartan-419 said:
We can only hope. It'd be an even weapon for the Spartan Laser.
Not really. It ran on four (?) Bullets in Halo 2, and it killed Spartan's in threeish hits. Spartan laser would charge up by the time he was about to pull the trigger for the third.
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If you're good, and fast, you could act faster. If the player is on a Laser rampage, the Fuel Rod Cannon would be good for taking him out, regardless of who the target is.
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