Should i get halo 3 legendary edition or halo 3 zune?

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all my friends have mp3 players but the only one i like is the halo zune but i cant get it unless i cancell my legendary edition should i get it?
Well, it's obvious.

Why waste all wour time on the merchandise, whem you could get what it was created for?
You don't choose two transformers figs over a two disc special edition of the movie.
its really up to you, if you like listening to music all the time, get the zune.

if you want something you can use for a reference, or a cool display, and get a few extras (the discs) then get the legendary

its your choice
Get both, Get the legendary first. Then save up your money and buy the zune after. Not too many people I know are going to buy a Halo 3 zune so you should be in luck if they keep it in stock.

The reason you should get legendary first is because there are more chances of losing your chance to get a copy of legendary than losing you chance to get a halo 3 zune.
well darkesword2020 has a point, if you have a job then your good, but if you live off of allowance, then thats gonna take forever
man darkesword thats a good explanation but for some reason my brain is telling me to just get the zune and get a copy of halo 3 standard later.
I'd go with my gut. And my gut is saying get the legendary. .......

But that's me.

Remember. It's your life. You make the choice mate.
thanks im gona go calcel my legendary order and get the zune now. and im gona get halo 3 standard cause the helmet will probaboaly collect dust in my room how limited is the halo 3 zune?
Leadingspartan said:
aww man i was leaning towards the zune and then i could get standard edition game.

Thats what I would do. Unless you want the MC helmet to hold the game and some extra features..
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