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Hello! I'm Shy, my preferred online name. I'm a fan artist and writer most of my time. Deeply hoping to eventually learn to draw halo armor for art.

I have been deciding these recent years to branch out and join forums of things that interest me. And well, rigging models and putting together ocs is a fun hobby of mine. I'm very fond of RvB and recently I've been learning the blender tool.

I may not post here much, this is only my second forum I've ever joined. I'll probably mostly be in the Halo discussion area or looking at assets. I have a LOT to learn and this place is probably a really good place to find tutorials for assets and maybe even learn more about Halo itself. I have been meaning to play the franchise for YEARS.


Also if you are looking for halo model references try going to and searching the user moesizzlac. He made a bunch of halo models for 3d prints, I'm actually using his model for my armor, he converted them from the pep files found in the armory here. They are fairly acurate and of course you can look at them from any angle you need to draw.


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Oh thank you so much for the advice! I was actually just looking at the assets here for references and see what I can put together. That might also help too.

Honestly that'll be probably much easier then what I have been using. MMD of all things. Blender has been a god send to putting together other models to look at so I'll check out thingiverse too.

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If you're anything like me, you can build a set yourself, and that eol give you a 3D physical thing you can hold, touch, and experience. Since it sounds like you are mostly interested in the thing as a reference, you can probably get away with making a simple pepakura build sans the fiberglass and just keep it paper.

Just remember if you choose to do that, rounded surfaces don't exist in pepakura, so the whole piece is digitized into smaller, flat surfaces.

I find it helps when i have something more than just a picture to look at.


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Hello all! I'm new too, and my username is EvilAtrocities, however I go by a lot of names, one of the simplest being GR.
I'm also an artist and a writer, though the writing aspect is mainly roleplay tbh. (Do any of you guys roleplay Halo?? I'd be super interested in that!)
I used to cosplay - and specifically - anime when I was younger, but after several years, my love for Halo has suddenly revamped itself, and now I'm trying to do my first Halo cosplay with EVA foam. I always dreamed of being one of the dudes walking around at a convention in Halo armor.
I've already ordered some foam online, and I haven't necessarily started yet (I'm working on getting the pepakura files printed, since I don't have a printer at my home {may I get one soon!} ) But I was curious if any of you had any certain tips to give or any suggestions?

Since I'm using EVA foam, I've looked up a lot online and already found a lot of materials that I'll need in the process:
-utility knife
-heat gun
-x-acto knife
-acrylic paints (?? I figure these might be best to work with on the painting aspect of the armor) and brushes
-perhaps a soldering gun for making grooves/dents on the armor/foam

And as for my cosplay, I plan on doing a regular Master Chief set, but with a different color scheme/possibly a different helmet as well. So a whole new/different Spartan, at least in my mind.

I'd be grateful to anyone who has any thoughts or tips, and I'm getting used to this whole new forum thing as well, so forgive me if I have already managed to mess things up.


Sorry I know this is an old post but EvilAtrocities I don't know if you've painted your armor yet but spray paint is always a good idea as it won't leave brush strokes on your armor. I would suggest only using a brush for the weathering details.
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