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Hey all, goofy blue man here, and I am making a Mark VII suit before C2E2 thanks to a very special JTF4!

This post will serve as the baseline with the concept and scaling for this suit. Enjoy!

Part 1: Basic Design Choices

To start I went ahead and booted up Infinite and made a spartan I'd like to make, sadly before cross-core shoulders, but that will come later! I did limit myself to a certain pool of choices however, as I will be using TurboCharizard's Mark VII files, I limited myself to the attachments and models he has available. Here's that mock up:

Screenshot 2024-02-11 234007.png

Part 2: Scaling and Helmet Choices

As 2024 has been dubbed "The Year of the Deadeye," I'll be doing both a Mark VII and Deadeye helmet for this build. Also, as I am a very indecisive man, I'll be making multiple chest attachments to easily swap out for this one. Here's the Armorsmith model!

Screenshot 2024-02-11 234114.png
Continuation commence!
Part 3: Let's Build Some Knees!

As nearly every one of my build starts with, I started a print for a part that'd be less noticeable to do some weathering and paint testing, and for this I decided to go with the knees! As it's pretty much the most important step aside from scaling, I started by printing out the pieces, and making sure the prints looked nice, and I'd say these ones turned out pretty nice, eh?


I'll be getting into the paint choices specifically later, but for now I'd like to show off the finished product of these knees as I'm a man that can't keep a secret, and love to show off finished pieces. If you're interested in the sanding and finishing processes, worry not as I'll be going over those steps in depth when yours truly remembers to take more pictures!


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Part 4: Paints, Primers, Prototyping.

First thing's first ya'll, let's take a look at the prototype I whipped up in Blender for this suit. When it comes to making your spartan in Blender it's very simple, and if you know how to use Blender well enough, then making your Spartan is a breeze! When I did mine, I had Infinite open as well and referenced the in game coating to plan out the colors on the actual suit. Here's the result:

Screenshot 2024-02-14 200446.png
Screenshot 2024-02-14 200500.png

The next step was to find the paint I wanted to use, which ended up for the most part pretty simple as I chose to use the same colors and paints from my last build, the Rakshasa suit. I chose to use Rustoleum chalked for the gray and blue, Rustoleum Metalic Silver for my base, and Gorilla Glue Rubberized Sealant Spray for the rubber bits! As for priming and smoothing I'm using Rustoleum 2 in 1 Sandable Filler Primer and Black Matte Automotive Enamel.

Don't listen to Monker. Gray with a pop of color wins the day. We need more of those.
Really liking that look. Don't know how I didn't notice originally the different color knees and top of the calves.

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