So I got a 3D printer last week

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    3 days in Blender later...


    A pistol?


    Not just ANY pistol...

    It's pistol with a WORKING slide and removable magazine + accessories.

    Did I mention its the M6B Magnum?

    But seriously.
    I have spend 3 days looking at the same side/front/back picture of the Halo Reach Magnum, as well as watching Youtube videos for reference.
    I've modeled (Or, I should say 'modeling') a prop magnum with the following;

    Removable Smart Sight (The hood thing)
    Removable Laser
    Removable magazine
    Magazine catch function
    Working Trigger (No it doesn't shoot lol)
    Sliding slide
    Slide catch function

    Details down to the T. And I mean DETAILS. Down to the width of the lower receiver grip and the exact shape of the trigger.

    This was all done in blender, something I only actually started trying to use 3 days ago. You could say I'm learning blender through the project.

    I still have to model a few more details, like the smart sight sight, laser 'laser', various bolts and screws, the iron sights (I've tried twice now. I am TERRIBLE at modeling these sights) and the grip texture. Everything else is pretty much done, save modeling the points of connecting the parts together, and hollowing the major portions out for wires, LEDs, and a laser. (Did I mention I'm going to add lights and a laser?)

    Enjoy the pics. More to come as needed :D
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    Andddd the image uploader I used is not supported =_=

    Here then Imgur
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    That's pretty heckin' cool CoolRextreme, well done on the design stage.

    What printer did you get? Have you done any tolerance tests yet?
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    That turned out excelent!! And only 3 days of experiance?! Satchamo better watch out because we got another artist coming through!
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    I bought the Creality Ender 3. It's quite affordable, and has been pretty fun so far. Unfortunately I have NOT made a tolerance test. I will deff be doing that tomorrow, along with experimenting with a few more settings in Cura.!

    Oh I doubt anyone has anything to watch out for :)
    I am a sprint learner. I learn fast (With Google and Youtube) But unless I keep using that knowledge I tend to start to lose it easily.
    Guess I have to keep modeling!!

    Honestly I have one other Halo weapon prop I MUST MUST MUST build.
    I figured I'd practice with the Magnum first, knowing that I would need to figure out my printer's abilities in intricate designs as well as that I'd have to learn to model.
    The Magnum is a human weapon; Very blocky. Should be easy to model right?



    Unfortunately I have gotten way too carried away and ended up setting a bunch of goals in my hours of modeling it, both for functions, as well as the model detail it's self. It's not a warm up project now. It is a serious project!


    The 3D model is nearly finished! Pretty much all wrapped up with the exteriors.


    Added the rear sight
    Added the front iron sight (tucked between a notch in the smartsight.)
    Various little reshapes of different pieces that were not quitee right
    Added a through-and-through barrel! You can look down it. It extends into the 'chamber' a little too just like in-game!
    Re-modeled the laser to try to make it less ugly and more accurate.
    Added all the little divets, screws, and finer details.
    Admire the detail on the side of the slide!
    Added texture to the grip!

    Figuring out how to get the modeled texture ON to the grip took me 4 hours straight. No joke. I was trying to find ways to 'glue' it on, but ended up imprinting the lines right onto the grip, and then pulling all the individual points upward.

    I am sure there is some sort of module that spreads a model repeatedly over a surface to make a texture, but I could only find image texture tutorials online.
    Not what I wanted.


    Nevertheless it looks beautiful if I don't say myself
    Halo Magnum Yum


    A few things I need to wrap up before it's ready to print.
    1. Gotta finish some interior spacing stuff.
    2. Figure out how to fit the springs in and model in spring guides/attachment points.
    3. Make the magazine prettier (I HAD been planning to use it as a x2 9v battery pack, but decided that I wanted to actually be able to do some quick loads, which would mean the magazine would have to be dropable.)
    4. Figure out the scale I want to use for this. Currently limited by the upper reciver (which is currently all one seamless piece, and happens to be the most forward, and the farthest hind part of the entire pistol) Which limits me to 250mm total length if I print that part upright.
    The in-game version is THIRTEEN AND A HALF INCHES. Seriously, might as well just use a submachinegun.
    250mm Will be about 70% the size of the real spec Magnum. (If Chief was scaled down to 70% he'd be about 5 feet. So this would be on scale for those little 5-foot spartans out there) Thoughts on size?? Is 250mm grand enough to do the Magnum justice, or should I go bigger?
    After I figure that out, I can start actually printing...
    5.Hollowing out the larger interior spaces
    And 6. modeling wiring 'tunnels' for ease of wiring the little led diodes through some of the tight spaces! Spaces to small to stick pliers through. Plus I hate trying to 'jab the target' with little flimsy wires. It would be easy to just push the wire through a hole until it comes out the other side.


    . Currently testing out sliced parts that will be moving, for tolerances.
    . Also testing clipable parts as well.
    . Ordered some music wire; gonna have to make all my own springs. Fingers crossed on that...
    . I''ll probably weight the bottom of the magazine, as well as throw in a large magnet. That way I can stand the Magnum up in all it's glory, on any metal surface (or a display with an opposing magnet) (And add some oomf for pistol-wipping the little grunts in my life)
    . Will need to buy some clear filament for a few little parts
    . Will need to buy some flexible/rubbery filament for the grips (which are all separate models from the pistol) Both left, right, and back.
    . Wondering if the through-barrel (and adding the part that sticks into the 'chamber'), in addition to the 'real' functions, will make this less con-friendly. Yes, it's SUPER game accurate, (Down to how far the slide slides back) but it'll also probably look pretty real :unsure:
    . Each Magnum will have an accompanying smart sight, laser, and two magazines (For those times I'm bored and want to pretend to do a quick reload)
    . Deff gonna build a couple. I know a coworker friend from years ago who just L O V E D Halo.
    I think he'd die opening a box to find this in it :yum:


    I am deff going with a 10 inch Magnum. 11 inch is too big (Cut both sizes out on paper)
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    3D modeling 100% done! Save any little thing I may need to poke or prod while I print it.


    Sized the entire pistol one last time; Going for a canon 10.5"
    Added wiring slots
    Added slots for Magnets
    Added slots for springs
    Added spare AAA battery holder in the Magazine
    Created separate STL. files for each of the 32 pieces, ready for slicing and printing
    Gathered lights, buttons, wiring, solder kit, Magnets, wire for custom springs, Clear filament, Flexible Filament

    I found that the M6G (I had mistakenly been thinking it was an M6B) is actually human sized in game. It's official length (According to Bungie) is 10.5 inches.

    Seeing as that was only half an inch longer then I could print, I added a 'cap' extension, both allowing me to insert battery wires (before gluing it on) as well as being able to size the pistol to it's real size.

    I am pleased with the resulting model! May the 3D printed part look half as nice...


    Sweet Sweet Success


    Print the 32 Pieces and test fit them
    Create fitting springs that give the correct resistance
    Dial in the spacing for sliding parts
    Figure out how to inconspicuously wire the gun (which has the switches and batteries) to the removable laser/Smart sight in a way that when you connect the two accessories, there are no visible wires


    Fingers crossed the printing goes well and things fit well!!
    I don't know what to do in the meantime...
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