so i started my helmet

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so i started my helmet yesterday heres pictures of the top i need to finish the one side and a little bit on the back part htne i goin to start the back then tha jaw


sorry for the blur


DoC ByTeS said:
Looks like the second to last FS model...... Same as I used.

Good Work!

so its not the helmet that he has now available to download which is now the HD model?
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I think the smooth FS model may be easier if you are experienced in papercraft, not pepakura, it has less fold lines on the pieces themselves, which means you need to think in your head which way they turn and how they will connect, it still has numbers and tabs, so that helps some. But then again, the final product of the HD helmet and the smooth one are both the same, if you sand it down lightly, you probably dont need much bondo to smoothen it.
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