Social media share thread!


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Some of these things are more used than the others. Facebook is where large photo albums go, Instagram is where a stream of photos and fun goes, video storage on YouTube and then Twitch is just in case.

Facebook: Skookum Props
Instagram: Skookum Props
YouTube: Skookum Props
Twitch: TurboCharizard

Steam: TurboCharizard
BattleNet: RadCharizard#1182
Switch: SW-3305-1251-2056
Pokemon Go Trainer Code: 5047 2703 8231
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My Usernames
Steam: Random Ranger
Xbox: RndmRanger
PS4: halfdead55 (this account is oooooold)
Switch: SW-5997-7393-9580 (friend code)
Blizzard: RandomRanger#11767
Origin: RandRanger

Facebook: Nic Strike
Instagram: RndmRanger
YouTube: Random Ranger

I won't follow you, or add you back if I don't recognize your name/username, but if you tell me you're 405th I'll add you back.


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Facebook: Mark J. Querijero
Instagram: PaiganBoi
Xbox One: PaiganBoi
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405th Regiment Officer
Facebook name : Andrew Danforth
Facebook prop page: The War-Drobe Armory
Instagram(s) : thewardrobearmory and ajdanforth
Xbox Live: Spiderm0nkey60

Feel free to add me on whatever just send me your forum tag so i know whos who!