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Ok i was about to soft mod my xbox orginal i plan on using it for fun not using it for cheating because some of my friends have mods it seems really really fun you know flying warthogs smgs that shoot swords tanks the size of coagulation you know so i was wondering do you guys think i should softmod my xbox(i have 2 so i dont care 1 xbox and 1 xbox 360) and keep in mind i will not go on live.
You can go on live and play regular games with a modded xbox but as soon as you play a modded game you will be banned for life with that serial number, you can always get another serial number though.

I modded my xbox and only play it on lans its more fun anyways to hava lan party and yell at your friends right there.

I just suggest doing it for shear fun and not to play online.

Go to and youll get everything you want to know about modding.
well couldnt i just play customs because my friends mod on live with customs do you know how i can do that hes not even banned yet..
And i know plenty of people who are continually changing there serials and keep playing.

Hey all im saying is its a risk and unless you wanna keep frontin the doe to reestablish your live account when and if you get caught its your butt. All im saying is to be careful.
Unless you are planning on devoting a lot of time to getting really good with modding, it gets boring fairly fast.

And even if you get really good with it, it can still get boring.

You can only character swap and reskin maps so often before you are tired of it.


Also, you could always use XBC over XBL (is XBC even still around?) - - XBC isn't monitored by Microsoft, so you can mod to your hearts content, but make sure to take them off once you want to go back to XBL
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