Xbox Live Anyone?


If you have Xbox Live post your Gamertag here so i have some 405th friends to chat with or play some Halo with. I get bored easily.



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You can usually find me as PrimalWeyland - don't be surprised if I don't talk over comms though.


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Please, don't laugh - my GT is CommanderPaImer and yeah, I like to roleplay, lulz.

GT - commanderpaimer - yes, that's a 'i' just with shift, because the other was already in use... v_v

If someone adds me, please send me a message or let me know, because I don't add all strangers.


You can laugh at my name. I have had it since i was like 7-8. Anyways its xXWAFFLENATORXx. If you add me lemme know you guys are from the 405th just like marawuff said. For xbox one, i mainly play destiny and halo 5! Hit me up. Lets play some games!!!

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It's an old name, from an old game, but I don't ever plan on changing it.

C1D Highwind

Lt Shiny Sides

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lLtShinySidesl, those are lower case L's cause someone 'reserved every other way =( I'm usually playing Reach, but I may play 5 again when I get my One back

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Thugzz Deluxxxe and I'm always looking for some fellow Spartans to finish the fight with... Firefight, that is.