Someone Please help i've been trying for hours


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So I'm planning on making a set of Reaper armor that i found on one of the forums. Only issue is i'm trying to make them a foam pattern and i've been trying for at least 8 hours. i can't figure out how to do this and haven't found any helpful tutorials yet if anyone can help i'd really appreciate it.



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(This is assuming you understand the basics of split/merge)
When breaking down a file and converting it to foam, I usually try to start by removing all of the pieces that are thinner than my material (foam in your case). Then I find any overlaps and remove anything under the top layer unless I think multiple layers are needed. For example, you could have two layers of the same piece and dremel or cut in details. I also try to merge the pieces into the largest pieces (symmetric for each side) I can to aid in assembly. Drag the unneeded pieces out of the print (white) area and organize the pieces in a way that suits your liking. I usually prefer to organize pieces according to their proximity in the 3D model.
This a very time consuming process and it will take a few different approaches to make it work in practice.

Edit: Found the link for the Pepakura Tutorial: