Spartan Face

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kinda looks like anikin skywalker when he gets burnt in sw3. AND BY THE WAY YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE MASTER CHIEFS FACE! pm me 2 find out
:roll: I think we just did....

Yeah, I saw this yesterday over at

Creepy stuff. I can't believe that they actually went through the trouble of modeling a head inside the helmet.... unless they intended for someone to see it. Wonder if that faceshield is like 5% tranparent.... I could see Bungie getting a laugh out of that... putting the Chiefs face right in front of us.... and snickering when we whine about wanting them to reveal his identity.

Makes that GameInformer image from the announcement trailer seem slightly more plausible now. It also make me wonder if that helmet is gonna come off.... in campaign or otherwise.
I agree with link, except i hope that they dont show his face, it might spoil some of the magic.

And i bet its just a meaningless easter egg because it doesnt look very "real" its just creepy looking. I dont think MC looks like a zombie.

But alot of my marine friends say that after bootcamp they certainly feel alittle brainwashed. maybe the MCs are all brain washed.

I dont know its cool though.
Agreed with cool easter egg and for me the MJOLNIR helmet is MC's face. I dont need to see under it ro have any desire
itl ruin the magic and buige/halo will lose fans if they dont like the mc's face and personally i dont want to c it :mrgreen:
Hmm, i dont think it would hurt the fan base. It would just be alittle of a downer.

For example the Sopranoes, everyone hated the ending (except me) but those people who hated the ending will still buy the dvds so that they can see the multiple endings.

Same with us, we will still buy the stuff of Halo despite a crappy game ending.
You do realize that this is almost certantly placeholder model work?
Judging by the fact that there is almost no texture work done on it, and the model itself lacks any geometric refinement, it's very much likely that the only real reason that there's a model in the helmet at all is to help with scaling and shape.
Unless the face itself gets a fair bit of geometry refinement and some legitimate texture work in the final release of Halo3, it's almost assured to be meant solely as for size and shape reference for the model.
Just noting this as another potential avenue is all.
Why on earth would it be a tube?
That gives no semblance of shape for the human head whatsoever.

I looked at your vid where it shows it considerably more clearly, and while yes, there's somewhat defined texturework to it, I would seriously doubt that it's the real face of the cheif.
One thing that bugs me is by the looks all the detailing of the nose, forehead, etc is simply drawn on with heavy lining to give it better definition and there is no apparent real detail work done to the eyes, so we're either looking at a very early stylizing of cheif's face, or it's placeholder.
Honestly it could be either at this point, but if they really do plan to show cheif's face in Halo 3, it's got a lot of work needed on it yet.
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