spartan laser

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you think this is gonna be a good weapon? I'm guessing its not like the sentinal beam, they suck. But you think the spatan laser is gonna do alot of damage or some crap becuase i think it would be hard to hit someone with it if their not next to you. Just like in the screenies of halo 3 in my mag everyone that shot the spartan laser didnt hit anyone, adn it dosent show them zoomign in or anything so who knows, im gonna stick with the ar and br and the new stick grenades i think thats what they are XD.
im wondering about that laser, it might be ez for someone to come and attack you while your shooting it
I think i read soem where theres a certin amount of charge time before ti fires then it lets loose and can cut warthogs to pieces like a hot knife through butter
but thats if you hit it........after you charge they might be long gone if their in a mongoose, and like i said in the pics they always miss.
its probably a powerful gun with a substantial "blast radius" but it will take a while to fire and leave you vulnerable for attack during that time.
Definatly a anti tank wep but i wonder if u hide well enough if you could snip ppl out with it who stand still? One second there there the next they melted
I think the fact that it is very hard/slow to fire is one of its key factors. Just like pretty much every weapon in the game, it will trade off speed for power, or vice versa. If you're a good shot, you should have no problem hitting stuff with it, since it is more accurate than the sniper rifle. I think I'm going to love it.
Bungie said it was like a sniper rocket type gun. It takes two secs to charge and then boom. The Halo 3 EGM had all the info on it.
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