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My spartan ID is D-082

D for Demogorgon and 82 was my little league football number for 5 years.


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Y-772 for me

It is my birthday in European format :) Y is the 25th letter of the alphabet, July is the 7th month, '72 is the year


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Well, I've been reading through this, and I think you all have massively overcomplicated it.
I also don't really think that this thread needs all those Halo 4 images unless you are actually planning on making a Halo 4 build, which most of us are not. Halo 4 has a terrible looking ODST helmet. So lets try and make this open to everyone and not just all the Spartan IVs which are getting their numbers wrong. :p lol

I understand that some of us here might make more than 1 costume, maybe even a new one for each game. But you will need to ask yourself, "which one do I identify with the most?", and you will need to make your decision in regards to this list.
Personally, I would choose to not allow an individual to have more than 1 alias, but that's just me.

In regards to the list, to make things easy, Canon characters will be denoted in Red

Service Numbers:

Spartan-I and other projects (such as Orion) prior to the Spartan-II Program:
• Details: Since this includes special projects, the naming convention in this category is open.
• I have included everyone who has numbers inside the initial 150 that do not begin with an "S" here.
• Sort Order is based on Letter first, then the following numbers. It is this way because you would list the project title before the number in the project when going through experiments and trials.​
48789-20114-AJ: Sgt. Avery Johnson (Orion Project)
A-057 Frozensnot
B-008 Tritan
F-012 Virti
F-036 The Chief Master
G-016 Trando434
G-057 LCBeagle
H-013 PatrikChiefLorinc029
J-029 frozenottsel
K-055 sarlume
L-108 e82
M-082 NayrDeathExperience
R-013 Xav-Kitsune
T-007: Tafoya007
X-002: Crimmson

Spartan-II Program:
• Naming Convention: S-###, there is a maximum total of 150 Class-I Spartan-IIs, numbered from 1-150.
--I will note that I need clarification on what the difference between a Class I or a Class II is, with source material.
• Spartan-IIs, were informally referred to by: [First Name]-###​
Class-I Spartan-II:
SPARTAN-005: James - Listed as MIA. Most likely KIA during the Fall of Reach.
SPARTAN-006: Jai - MIA with the rest of Gray Team.
SPARTAN-008: Li - Listed as MIA during Slipspace anomaly battle. Assumed KIA due to nearby plasma torpedo detonation.
SPARTAN-010: Naomi - Active as of March 2553. Currently part of Kilo Five.
S-013: Lockon13 / Sepheus 13
SPARTAN-018: Kirk - Discharged. Possible rehab mentioned by Halsey.
SPARTAN-019: Serin - Did not accept augmentations, ONI operative as of March 2553 in Kilo Five
SPARTAN-023: Daisy - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA after being impaled by Needler rounds.
SPARTAN-029: Joshua - Listed as MIA, assumed KIA during the Fall of Reach.
SPARTAN-030: Vinh - Listed as MIA, assumed KIA after the Fall of Reach.
SPARTAN-034: Samuel - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA due to destruction of the Covenant ship they had boarded.
SPARTAN-039: Isaac - Listed as MIA, assumed KIA after the Fall of Reach.
SPARTAN-042: Douglas - Last seen aboard UNSC Spirit of Fire after the Battle of Shield 0459 in 2531. Listed as MIA.
SPARTAN-043: William - Listed as MIA, though confirmed KIA by Hunter pair during the Battle of Onyx
SPARTAN-044: Anton - MIA during Slipspace anomaly battle, assumed KIA due to nearby plasma torpedo detonation.
SPARTAN-047: Keiichi - Presumably listed as MIA at Reach. Last seen during the Harvest Campaign.
SPARTAN-051: Kurt - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA after the detonation of two FENRIS nuclear warheads at the core of Onyx.
SPARTAN-052: Jorge - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA after successfully destroying a Supercarrier during the Fall of Reach.
S-056 Data
SPARTAN-058: Linda - Active as of March 2553. Clinically KIA during the Fall of Reach. Later resuscitated.
SPARTAN-059: Malcolm - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA during the Fall of Reach.
SPARTAN-062: Maria - Retired.
SPARTAN-066: Soren - Discharged due to failures in augmentation process Listed as MIA on Reach after being shot down.
SPARTAN-069: Solomon - Listed as MIA. Confirmed KIA by Covenant antimatter charge decoy during a mission.
SPARTAN-073 - Died due to failures in augmentation process
- also S-073: Spartan 73
- also S-073 Caboose vs Grif (pending)
SPARTAN-075: Cassandra - Discharged due to failures in augmentation procedures, currently alive.
S-077 Jiralhanae
SPARTAN-079: Arthur - Listed as MIA. Confirmed KIA by Seraph-class starfighters during mission.
SPARTAN-081: René - Discharged. Possible rehab mentioned by Halsey.
SPARTAN-084: Fhajad - Discharged, sent to work for ONI. Suffered uncontrollable muscle spasms due to failures in augmentation.
SPARTAN-087: Kelly - Active as of March 2553
S-088 Obi-Jeff Kenobi
SPARTAN-092: Jerome - Last seen aboard UNSC Spirit of Fire after the Battle of Shield 0459 in 2531. Listed as MIA.
SPARTAN-093: Grace - Listed as MIA. Confirmed KIA during Operation: FIRST STRIKE on Unyielding Hierophant.
SPARTAN-096: Musa - Discharged, years later proposed the SPARTAN-IV program.
SPARTAN-101: Victor - Active as of August 2552.
- also S-101 Chainsaw Ninja
SPARTAN-104: Frederic - Active as of March 2553
SPARTAN-111: Adriana - MIA with the rest of Gray Team.
S-113 AugmentedHuman013
SPARTAN-117: John - Active. Recovered from UNSC Forward Unto Dawn in 2557 by UNSC Infinity.
S-118 Spartan_018
S-119 Apothacary
SPARTAN-120: Mike - MIA with the rest of Gray Team.
SPARTAN-122: Joseph - Status unknown, last seen in 2525. Assumed KIA during Fall of Reach.
SPARTAN-128: WandererTJ
SPARTAN-130: Alice - Last seen aboard UNSC Spirit of Fire after the Battle of Shield 0459 in 2531. Listed as MIA.
SPARTAN-137: Carris - Status unknown. Presumably KIA during the Fall of Reach.
SPARTAN-141: Cal - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA during an assassination operation.
Class-II Spartan-II:
S-153 Dragunity
S-186 averysmallhorse
S-192 -Bonepunk-
S-197 JPanzer
S-214 Spartan-214
S-234 NoMaybeYes
S-247 murishani047
S-251 kaufman92eb
SPARTAN-303: Ralph - Listed MIA, confirmed KIA in the Harvest Campaign
S-323 S323
S-338 Blorin
S-352 DD117
S-358 Monk358
S-382 Daniel-382
S-446 MissingSpartan7
SPARTAN-458: Nicole - Accepted as cannon, details unknown.
S-626 ShawnProblemz
S-711 lordhood32
S-734 Leventel
S-818 BuckeeW
S-907 PHIL-907
S-957 Tyvern
S-1138 Bioshutt - Not sure if we should allow anyone to go beyond 999
S-1313 Spartan 1313 - Not sure if we should allow anyone to go beyond 999
S-5285 Pigglywiggly1973 - Not sure if we should allow anyone to go beyond 999

Spartan-III Program:
• Naming Convention: Letter###, letters must correlate to Greek letters (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, .....)
• Units like Bravo, Echo, and Foxtrot are not acceptable. If you want to use "F", know that you are on the "Phi" squadron.
• Spartan-IIIs, were informally referred to by: [First Name]-Letter###
• While Spartan IIIs are all typically numbered starting at or above 151, there may have been a few instances where a Spartan-II retired and it was given to a Spartan-III. (Actually, there is just 1 Spartan-II that retired...)​
Alpha Squad:
A-239 Spartan Emile - Confirmed KIA
A-259 Spartan Carter - Confirmed KIA
A-266 Spartan Jun - MIA, listed as KIA
Beta Squad:
B-257 Sai-257
B-312 Noble Six - Confirmed KIA
B-320 Spartan Kat - Confirmed KIA
Gamma Squad:
Delta Squad:
Epsilon Squad:
E-815 lordhood32
Zeta Squad:
Z-236 Renton117
Z-286 Zaff
Eta Squad:
H-209 Grave_Hawk - Changed from H-2009, if you want to be under special units, please say so.
Theta Squad:
Iota Squad:
Kappa Squad:
Lambda Squad:
Mu Squad:
M-213 MYST
Nu Squad:
Xi Squad:
Omicron Squad:
Pi Squad:
Rho Squad:
R-259 rickrtickr
Tau Squad:
Upsilon Squad:
U-513 U513
Y-772 Evakura
Phi Squad:
F-225 Halcyon25
F-304 ferret304
Chi Squad:
Psi Squad:
Omega Squad:
I don't know greek letters/Special Units Squad:
C-227 tac2002
J-989 tabris89

Spartan-IV Program:
• Spartan IVs are referred to by SPARTAN [Name] rather than a number. Their numbers instead are just a typical UNSC Service Number, with 2 series of 5-digit numbers followed by their first and last initials.​
65287-98303-SP: Sarah Palmer

Character limit reached, might be best to split into separate posts...
I might try to work on that tomorrow.
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Let's not forget Majestic.


SPARTAN Fireteam Majestic:
83920-91083-GT: Gabriel Thorne
76283-34092-PD: Paul DeMarco
90302-89202-CH: Carlo Hoya
75283-56282-AM: Anthony Madsen
95984-78393-TG: Tedra Grant

Also, you might want to update Serin to:
S-019 / 39489-72738-SO: Serin Osman - Did not accept augmentations, ADM Osman was CINCONI as of December 2558 (likely earlier).
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I already said that mine was S-098, in the first SPARTAN-II class though it is not listed in the post that WandererTJ has made. I would merely like to request that my acquisition of the tag be noted.

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I believe I stated I go under SPARTAN Z-001 a while back in this thread, not sure if it got buried but I would like it to be so.


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Hey all, I didn't mean to leave anyone out. I was just reorganizing the 1st post mainly.
I reached the limit on characters for a post with that last one, so I think it will be best to create a new thread dedicated to this, and break the OP up into a few posts so that I can fit everyone in.
When I do, I will go back through this list and try to find everyone that was missed.


My ID is L-494 L for Lowcone and 494 is (for some reason) my favorite number.
So does that mean im in Lambda??


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Anyone who wants to be listed as a leader can be.
I see no need to refuse anyone of anything that they want to be... except 117.

In terms of Spartan-IIIs, they are first listed by Squads or "Companies" in terms of Greek Letters. They are then sorted into teams with military Letters (F=Foxtrot) or into teams with unique names such as "Wolf Pack", which was the name of a team in Alpha Squad.

To keep things simple, I will group Spartan-IIIs by their Squads/Companies, and then if you want to be in a specific team, that will just be added in your 1 line of details about your spartan.

Also, there will be no Squad Sigma. This is due to the fact that the letter "S" is reserved for Spartan-IIs.


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I'm currently in the works of tweaking and editing the thread's OP. The thread will soon be added, and then subsequent lists will be added into individual posts after I start it.
Please allow me to post the lists or at least make reservation posts for the lists before you post in the thread. That's all I ask... well... until you see the thread lol ;)

EDIT: I could have sworn I could delete posts....
How frustrating.


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Currently I'm Emile A-239 but eventually I'll have to do a custom suit too. And when I do I'd like C-866. It's my shift and employee designation at work lol.

spartan 060

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I am s-060 the original 060 cause there is a pretender on facebook + I dont think we should place much in fan fiction when choosing id numbers


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Spartan Kaldonis X-323 of the UNSC Blade of Xenon and Former Agent Alaska of Project Freelancer, at your service!
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