Spartan Numbers

Ohh the pain of a necropost, Kaldo, please head on over to WandererTJ's thread and post in the correct format over there. I know it's a pain, but it gives a bit more cohesion to it all.


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I've chosen 119 (Date of birth, 10/19, got rid of the zero.) unless it's been claimed already.

I chosen 094 because of my birth year tryed 294 but it actually skips I was going to use 024 because of my age, the bad news is that I can't claim the number because the forum is closed. :(

Sean Anwalt

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Ale1994 this thread hasn't been responded to for nearly 4 years.

If a thread hasn't been responded to in 3-6 months, don't reply, please. It kicks other threads down and the dead ones up. It's just poor etiquette.


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mine is H672 [since H is the 8th letter of the alphabet and i use 8672 at the end of some of the emails i use in case i can't access the main one which is the one i'm using now; another reason is because of the UNSC: U(8)N(6)S(7)C(2). the numbers are based on a cellphone keypad]