Spray-On Plastic Hardener?

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I am considering starting my own armor using cardboard and eventually move on to fiberglass or even cast metal. Reguardless I was curious if anyone has used a spray-on urethane to harden their cardboard model prior to applying bondo.

Next question...has anyone used a gel-coat for their fiberglassing before? I've seen videos online and it produces a really good glossy finish. Just didn't know if anyone had used it before. (Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSfftRVKwYY )

Also, has anyone produced a fiberglass helmet using a clay model? While I'd like to use cardboard, if I can work with clay and still be able to use fiberglass, that would be preferable.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
This is what I used to add some extra hardness to my card stock. Shellac Sealer & Finish. Two coats of this added a significant amount of strength to the card stock. Then just rough the surface lightly with sand paper to give the resin some tooth to hold on to. The one helm has one layer of resin so far. No reaction at all with the Shellac. :) It should work with Cardboard.


No one I know has used that Gel coat, you could always try it on a small piece of armor like a hand plate.

Last question, the only way I have seen someone make armor with the clay method is to model it in clay then pull a mold off of that and then cast it in plastic. Putting fiberglass over clay might work. I would try it with a small piece first and see how it works.

But if I was you I would go the Pepakura rout, for me it is working great.
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