Steampunk combat suit


Hi guys!

Well, did not get a buckle ready to solve my problem closing the straps of the vest. Then I lost my patience and I look 2 here in fright.

Pieces of a shelf barred some display bakery or something.

Cutting it in half and wiping the ink

I have it

Cleaning the white bars have it

Cutting this plate (softer) have the tips of the buckle closure

Leveraging a supporter of brake lining

I can take the plate using a drill in the right places (solder points)

Then shoot the pieces to assemble the clamp buckle

Assembling the pieces




After the solder and clip set

With that fixed the piece in place to use

For fixation of the shoulder joint

A bearing belt

Soldering a bezant to fix a screw (Do not know if I translated right)

Use this leftover cut another piece as a prop to support the joint

Bolt, washer and nut closing




And some pictures with all the pieces in place

As I anticipated the shoulder joint due to lack of regulation away does not work well. So I made some adjustments "adjustable".

The support of the shoulder joint is not giving enough adjustment for a move reasonably fluid. Then cut a piece and adapted a regulation.


This pin is part of the bearing assembly of a belt of any car.

Making a hole and threading the pin

A bar removed from a old xerox machine will serve as a guide



Other 2 pins are welded on a piece of the bar to be the guides of regulation

With two guides ready pay the tip of the support joint

And soldering the pins with bolts and fixing the tip stuck in

Then have the same result but with the possibility of adjustment in size. (The slack is how I took the support to be able to create the regulation distance).

With this operation can greatly improve the assembly

I made a little video with the phone (very bad) to illustrate the functioning of the joints together.

There are still many adjustments but "slow and steady".
I'm watching this very closelly. I love when suits are made from material that can actually be used for something in the real world. Now we just need halo suits made perfectly with metal like this :)


I'm watching this very closelly. I love when suits are made from material that can actually be used for something in the real world. Now we just need halo suits made perfectly with metal like this :)
Thank you for the compliment.

I think quite possible to make armor of these HALO steel, so would need a torch, some hammers, an anvil and metal plates of 3 mm. The rest a little kevlar we solved :)


more amazing work, just wow wow wow. will you be adding any electronics at the end, lights or fans?
Think green LEDs, liquid filters with internal lighting, green laser (tracer) in one eye, a flashlight chest, metal fans (if possible) and if I have the equipment and knowledge necessary, an electric arc along the metal parts as a frankenstein :)


Hi Guys !

Adding the bar pneumatic front

With a tip of a steering bar welded on edge buffer that was already done I'm closing the front linkage arm

Here weld was made

This piece and a piece I cut another piece (the left side of the vest)

With everything in place have this result

Another video (low quality)

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I'm trying to develop something because I want to finish this costume as soon as possible. So I could not do anything in the last 40 days since I'm going through an avalanche of problems and it is consuming the time I have left out of work in the office.


Well, its a very small update, but here I am :)

Work on de fingers...

Aluminium tube

Cutting and sticking...

some pieces of electrical coil

using rivets and riding ...

Thats it for now, sorry to have little.


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This is sooo cool. Amazing creativity for sure! It reminds me of the iron man mk1 suit. This is a model-bashing style win for sure.


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Very, very, very creative work you've got going here. I am loving the results so far. :D