Step by Step Helmet?

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does anyone have links or pics for how to make master chief helmet? STEP by STEP homemade helmet
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read through the forums, you're not going to get 100% step by step... you must take some creative steps yourself.
Best way to do it, make a 3-D Pepakura pre-model. (for practice).

Do you have Pepakura Designer? if so, print out the 2-D images and fold the lines (use 110 lbs. cardstock). after you fold the lines, hot-glue or use rubber cement to put together your helmet base (the cardstock). resin up your cardstock helmet. after that, paper-mashay your helmet base. Use expanding foam (triple expanding foam) to fill your helmet to the size your head is (leave space for padding, fans etc., etc.) spray-paint and maybe...VWALA! you have a n00b
pepakura spartan 117 helmet. good for you.


P.S. i am not totally sure thats the way it goes, but give it a spin, and if i am wrong, someone kindly
correct me...thnx!
Its free. Google it. Take a look at the tutorials here. I got started that away. Some good research will go along way.
Seriously, read before asking questions, many of these threads can be answered if people make 1-2 more clicks.
uhmm ya.. im soo lost.. i download Pep Designer2 and dont know what to do...

Edit: ... Nvm need to buy a password... well no pep design for me.
The password is only used to save or small things like that you don't really need one to make your suit.
dude just read the tutorials. they basically give you a step-by-step tutorial about how to make pepakura armor.
If you cant buy a cheap password which is helpful in the future, then it shows your on a limited budget for your suit, I'd say you need 1-200 dollars for a pep suit, no less.
i bought cardstock at a store, but it didnt say what type it was (65, 110) im hoping it works, it seems thick enough, ill find out soon enough i suppose
Alot of people forget though, he had all the tools, and paint and material just about, he said it would have costed more if he didnt have some of the materials already.
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