Stupid Cell Phone.

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so, im bored in History today right? so i draw out an entire MC chest and arms on my desk with an erasable marker, now i took several pix with my Cell phone because i knew it would be lost, i get home, and there is no was to get my pix to my computer, EVEN though its connected to my PC via usb, to get pix from my phone verizon required my to subscribe to their Internet service so that i can upload the pix from my phone to their site, where i can then DL them, such ********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously? My dad's phone from verizon takes 3mp quality photos, we can just use a usb/micro sd card and look at all the pictures quick and easy on our PC.
and AoB, you have to pay a monthly fee for Internet access before you can send them to your computer.

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Ehem, Verizon?

Either send them to your email address with PIX messenger, or use BitPim to get them from your phone.


thanks for playing, but it isn't working, it detects my phone, but it says i have no pix on my SD card.
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Thats messed up, whenever you get a new phone, just pay the 10-20 dollars and get your old pics transfered to the new phone, then make sure you buy a phone with a micro sd card slot, so you can buy a sd card, slip it in and out, get your pics for free off your phone.
i have them on a microSD

spartan021 said:
/\ no i have verison and just got to the pick hit options and send and enter a e-mail address.

tried it, said invalid address.
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IF you have them on micro SD, then just use your adapter and hook it into your PC, make sure the pics are on the micro sd and not phone itself.
its attached to my Pc right now, and it wont detect the phone until i tell it to synch music, at then it will pick up the phone, but only the music part.
Xavier, all phones, if pictures are stored on the micro SD, can be taken off easily, you dont connect the phone, you connect the actual micro sd card with your adapter that came with the card, you slip it into a sd card reader unless you have one on the face of your PC case built in.

The 2 cell phones in my family are different, but pics are taken off the same way, they are set to save all media to the micro sd card, and they can be viewed by just slipping in and out.

oh btw.

Did you know some verizon phones can have custom ringtones by changing the .mp3 of the file to .mid, for some reason, the phones dont recognize mp3's, this is only certain phones. Thats how I got my father and sisters phones to have custom ringtones without making them pay ridicilous prices for a 30 second clip of a song.
the card didnt come with a reader.

it came with a disk that was made to allow me to get pix from my phone... lost that.
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