support the return of megaman legends 3

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Shaymin Sky

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hello everyone. I would like to make an appeal to all the megaman fans out here as well as the entire 405Th community in general.

this passage was taken from the official Facebook page dedicated to the cause.

"As of July 19, 2011 Japan time, Capcom officially cancelled Mega Man Legends 3/ロックマンDASH 3. We want to bring it back.
This group is here to show Capcom that the Mega Man Legends 3/ロックマンDASH 3 Project is still supported by its fans, despite the project's cancellation. "

If you wish to help the cause as a megaman fan and make a difference or if you just sympathize with the cause please sign up for the devroom and become a servbot. the group has about 37000 members and continues to grow.

the official website(instructions are here)
the Facebook page
the official blog

your support is greatly appreciated. as a fan of megaman, I really want the development of this game to continue. thank you for your time.

legends never die.
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