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It is a 3d print model. He also has been adding pins now to his models so all their prints will be even more solid as well. I'll be honest guys whenever these go up for sale jump on them. The made my dutch helmet and it is a great helmet.


Sorry Guys and Gals. Ashuraa and I have been working about 70 hours a week Between our Real life sucks jobs and our own Personal business doing props and costumes. Which Means I havent been logging in much of anywhere. We are Prepping to ship out a Kat B320 this week my portion is finally done. So I have a couple minutes to step in.

Anyhow Yes she is 3D printed. Currently printed in PLA. I am planning on changing over to ABS printing here soon as I get some enclosures built for my printers to help with heat stability and I finish running out the stock of PLA I have in house. It is cut down to fit on the bed size of my larger printer. I have added Pin channels through the model for 3/32 metal all thread to add strength to the model. I currently have the basic scope done for them but I am currently looking at and modifying some of the other scope types that are available for HALO weapons for mounting on this girl. Issue of pins and magnets to make them interchangeable. The clip can be removed and is actually printed as a separate piece but it is cut down in length so it is short. I did that to keep from having a very thin section of structure in the butt of the rifle. Also currently with most convention rules it has to be glued in anyhow to be con friendly.

The interchangeable scopes are still a little ways out. At this time being I have a couple other projects in front of it. Which is modifying the ODST, Dutch ODST, And Recon helmet we sell to have screw pegs for there visors instead of having to glue visors in. Also talking to the owner over at Troopacoola about being able to easily mount his cooling systems in my helmets for people. So kind of the higher project.

Anyhow. enough of me talking. Here is an image of one of the Suppressed BR55's we just finished to go with the Kat B320 we are shipping out this week.
Scope is pegged and deatached so it will fit in the case that it is laying in for shipping and storage.

My personal one is still sitting here unfinished waiting for me to get some time to work on her.


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Beautiful. Looks absolutely lovely. Well done printing her out, man. I like the paint job as well.